So excited dexcom on its way

just found out today it is covered 100% i couldn’t be more excited. should have it in 2-3 days.

Congratulations Rachel! If it works as well for you as it has for me, you’re going to love it. Good luck. Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

I’m in the same boat. Mine should be here by Wednesday. Come on fedex! Seriously! One day to fly it from San Diego to Seattle, and it’s been sitting in Seattle for 2 days! It’s killing me! I live in Bellingham… It’s like an hour and a half away!!!

Mike – Glad to hear you’re going to join us Dexcom users. I hope you like it as much as I do. Going from eight or ten finger-stick readings a day to 288 is an eye-opener to say the least. It’s like taking off a blind-fold and seeing a world that only had sketchy outlines before. Good luck with your new BG tool.

Post back when you can.

I got up this morning, and saw that it was at my local fedex office, but with a delivery date for tomorrow. I jumped in the shower, got cleaned up, and ran down there. I had just over a couple of hours until I had to go to work, and wanted to get things up and running. It works great! Putting it on seemed really difficult in the directions, but it actually was quite easy and painless. I’ve had no site irritation, problems with adhesive, or readings that were way off base. This thing is a winner! I’m hoping I can get used to carrying both my MM pump and this thing around… Let face it… It’s kinda big! I’m due for a new pump next year, and I’m really excited to see how there integration into the Animas pumps goes. I had to laugh though. I barely made it to work, and I got a call from my local trainer, asking if I’d received it yet. I told her about running down to fedex and that I already had it up and running. She thought that was awful proactive of me. I figured if I could handle the MM sensors, that the Dexcom would be a piece of cake. Tomorrow I’m going to try out their software. Wish me luck!


I also skipped the training and did everything on my own. I underestimated the challenge. For the first couple of weeks I did not figure in the delay and overreacted to readouts. This frequently sent me on a roller coaster. I also made all calibration mistakes possible. Watch out for these areas.

i just got mine today but i am not as brave as you i am waiting for my trainer as i just started my new pump last Friday and am still learning the ins and outs of that. good luck


Congrats on committing to the Dex CGMS. You are taking on a lot of new technology at once (with your new pump too!) but if you pay attention you can let all that new info sink in over time and you’ll be OK.

Sounds like waiting for your CGMS trainer is a good call on your part. Best not to start off on the wrong foot.

Please keep us posted here as you learn your new tools! I learn much more from my fellow (and sister!) diabetics than I do from the typical doctor.


I did just like you. As soon as I got my hands on the box, I ripped into it, read the directions and put it on. I did re-watch a YouTube video on how to insert a sensor. By the time my trainer called me I was already well into my first sensor period. She decided that I didn’t need more training and recommended that we cancel the initial training session.

That worked for me and it looks like it did for you too. Good luck with your new “toy.” Let us know what your experience is.