How long does it take to get it?

Two I met with my CDE, we together ordered the Omnipod as well as the Dexcom Seven. I already have my omni pod as well as the training and have been using it for a week. I have yet to hear anything from Dexcom, weather my insurance has approved the device or not. How long does it normally take? Should I contact them myself and see what is going on, or should I be more patient? I want it I want it I want it!!! My fingers are hurting from having to check my blood sugar so many times during the day!

I ordered my Dexcom 7plus on Tuesday 6/16/09 and was told I would receive it in 3 days. We shall see, I did see the charge go threw the next day, I’ll let you know.P

When my MD faxed the application to Dexcom in mid-April, I got a call back from them in just a few hours, and the box was shipped the same day. I am without insurance, so I have to assume that the delay might be coming from the insurance rather than Dexcom.

A call to Dexcom won’t hurt, surely.

Ciao, Luca

I’d be chomping at the bit, too! Funny how most people get pump first, then CGM when having CGM before pump would make setting up pump easier and safer.

The problem is the insurance, not Dexcom. Confirm with Dex that insurance IS the problem, and then attack them-- asking that Denial or Acceptance of coverage be sent within 14 more calendar days.

Dexcom has a history of nearly always shipping out cash purchases within just a couple of days. Insurance-claimed purchases, and discounted upgrades, are the ones which tend to get sent out VERY slowly.

ok, Received it today 6/18/09, pretty fast delivery, the next step, is that my Dexcom Advisor is supposed to call me and schedule the first training session (she estimates 40-60 minutes), i’ll let you know when that happens.

Once my insurance reviewed my case (2 weeks) Dexcom shipped the unit to me in 48hrs. My physician faxed the info to Dexcom the day of my appointment. Tiffany at Dexcom faxed my paperwork to my insurance company that afternoon. My insurance company has anywhere from 3 days to 30 days to approve or deny my claim. I am on an insulin pump, I take my BG 6-8X a day and I had 6 months of downloaded meter readings for them to review. The insurance company STILL reviewed my case with a fine tooth comb and waited 17 days to call Dexcom with their approval. Oh…did I mention that I have hypo awareness, stroke and seizures? Even with a physicians letter and proper documentation my case still went in front of a review board. Good Luck, cross your T’s and dot your I’s! Keep really great BG Logs and test often. Try to record every hypo event and make sure that your physician is aware that you can no longer recognize when you go low. There’s no shame in diabetes. I was a fool for trying to hide my illness. Hang in there and I’ll keep you posted!

6/19/09 received a call from the Dexcom Trainer, who will come to my house for training (less then an hour) between 10:30-11:00 on 6/23/09, she said I should put the receiver on charge the evening of 6/22/09. This is pretty timely. I have read the user guide that came with it twice, and it is pretty straightforward, My only concern, and the reason I want the personal training is how to affix/remove the sensor. I should tell you, that I wanted the insulin pump, but after two blood tests, where the c-peptide came in at 1.1, followed by 2.0, I have given up on the insulin pump, and am going to try gaining control by using the Dexcom 7 Plus… (Medicare part B does not cover CGM in Indiana, so it is all out of pocket costs, I have 4 sensors to start with, and will try to get as much time as possible from them, and save up to buy the next 4).

Received my Sexy Dexy around 11am on June 23rd. Spent 2hours reading both manuals to familiarize myself with the unit and while doing this I pluged her in to fully charge.
Once I had 3 bars, I opened the Quick Start Guide, started with step one and I haven’t looked back. 45 minutes later, my Dex is programed, loaded and running. Very user friendly. I normally check my BG 6 to 7 times a day and every time I do a blood draw, I entered my result into my Dex. So far, the calibration between the Dex and my Animas Ping have been within 5pts. or less. Once I am more comfortable with the Dex readings I’ll start backing off on my fingersticks and only do them at meal times and when needed. (I’m an extra sweet diabetic…smile…I require close monitoring) BTW - Insurance paid for the unit and sensors - zero out of pocket expense. yipee!
Keep me posted (smile) - Robyn