So exhausted and frustrated

I am so tired. It's not that I can't sleep or have problems falling or staying asleep. It's that my 3 year old keeps waking me up! She has basically slept through the night since she was about 4 months old. Since she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in April I have maybe slept through the night maybe 6 times. Not because I am up testing her, but because she wakes me up constantly.

I really am at a loss. I don't know what to do. The lack of sleep is really starting to effect me. I completely understand when she is sick or when her blood sugar is high or low, but when she is right were she should be why won't she sleep???? I have tried bribing her with lots of things. We took a trip to the toy store and bought toys that she wanted that she can only get when she sleeps through the night and goes to bed by herself. That works for a little while but then we are back to step one again.

Maybe things will get better soon.


Has she recently been switched from a crib to a big girl bed? Ooooo and diabetes sucks!!! Just saw this post after I responded to your other. :slight_smile:

lol! nope…she has been in a big girl bed since she was a little less then 2 years old.

Hi Lisa… I sure hope things improve for you… my daughter was dx’d at 4 … we went through the same thing …

Things I have tried … warm milk (so gross …but it relaxes her)
muscle massage before bed… finally found out she is having leg cramps that keep her from sleeping –
mild to moderate exercise before bed — we just exercise together to a DVD with music, etc.
soft music … lullabye’s and beach sounds work best for Cailin –
And if she is in Pre-K or Kindergarten… make sure that she is not napping… this was a big issue with us… basically we just had to wear her completely out…give her a warm soothing bath…followed by a combination of the aforementioned and pray really hard … LOL …

As a result we now have a very hard sleeper who often has bed wetting accidents at 7yrs old…I don’t even care … we bought a really good mattress cover and use a bed pad too !!!

Hope that some of these suggestions work for you… Good Luck