Gahh... everything fell apart the night before Christmas Eve

Christmas eve night my Dexcom G5 sensor demanded a change. It had been on my arm about 3 weeks. Turns out the transmitter put in it’s notice too so I acquiesced and put on a new sensor and the second of the two transmitters. Thirty minutes later. No signal. Restart and another 30 minutes. No signal. Now I take out the Dexcom receiver to try instead of my iphone app. 30 minutes x 2 later. No signal. Then on the phone with Dexcom. Try changing the sensor and call back. Try blah blah blah and call back. During this 6 hour process, and while on the phone with a Dexcom rep, the Dexcom receiver unceremoniously backed out of the deal by declining further functionality. Which triggered the fourth Dexcom rep to refuse me a replacement transmitter because I no longer had a Dexcom receiver to prove the transmitter was faulty. AND. The receiver is no longer under warranty… so go talk to the distributor… who cannot send a transmitter because they can only send 2 every six months and it’s only been 3 months. … two days ago insurance sent a nice note refusing to fill my Afrezza rx. When I filled the rx seven days ago the pharmacy was shipping ASAP. I’ve been on the phone and on my Chart for two days trying to get this figured out. Unfortunately my endo is out until January 7. Turns out the practice doesn’t provide good back up. All this for a mere $900/month insurance premium, not including out-of-pocket medical, co-pays, out-of-pocket pharmacy, co-insurance and what ever else can be dreamed up. Madness. Freakin madness.

I agree. No one should have to deal with this level of poor service! It seems deliberate the amount and complexity of the supply situation that seems to love building in an abundance of failure points.

All I can say is that your frustration is totally justified. Unfortunately, unless you’re willing to give up on these useful treatment modes, you have to keep making an effort. Take a deep breath, try to relax, and keep on trying. I know, easy for me to say! I have yet to perfect my ability to gracefully manage incompetent supply chain management.

One thing I have learned is to try to dial way down any expectations that I may have. If, for example, you think you should get delivery next Monday, set your expectations for a week from Monday, instead.

Good luck!

Wow, a nightmare. I think I had a new transmitter from them recently when one failed. My receiver was ok though.

I was on the phone last night with dex because new sensor failed to tell me to do the calibrations and just went into an error message after two hours.

While I was on the phone it started giving blood glucose readings though LOL- I had calibrated it even though it was not telling me to do that.

he sent me a new sensor and agreed with me about all of my complaints about this technology. A battery that cannot be changed, the sensors are failing frequently, how can they make a device that cost $600 that is so flaky and has so many problems and with a battery that cannot be changed- so crazy, it is just not acceptable. I told him all of this and he agreed with me LOL . My very expensive phone, which definitely has its problems, works a lot better than this.And I’ve had it for about five years now probably.

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@Lauri - I share your pain. Coincidentally, exactly the same thing is happening to me as we speak.

While I’m in Canada, I don’t need to deal with co-pays or insurance (I’m self funded for CGM). There’s no way I’ll have a new transmitter much before the end of the coming week.

The transmitter that failed is just 15 days fresh. So much for my plan to wait until after New Years to order a fresh one :rage:

It’s been over 3 years since I’ve flown blind like this …


@T1Forever shared some great suggestions in another thread that would be helpful in your situation.

@Jimi63 , is Dexcom is replacing your transmitter at no cost to you?

Options…,get a new cheap system…libre
I believe…or start testing the old fashion
Way. I test 4 to 6 times a day. You can
Buy alot of test strips for $5000 or more.

Thank you. I followed your advice. Deep breaths and didn’t give up. Dexcom sent a new transmitter and two sensors after I spoke with a supervisor. It just should not be this difficult. Still working on the Afrezza insurance appeal. Spoke with Mannkind cares rep who was helpful but my endo is out for another week yet. I should be able to reach one of the fellows after New Years to get help with the appeal process. Thankfully, I hoarded insulin. That fact won’t be shared with anyone outside of this group.


I’m 2-3 years into T1D and got a Dexcom CGM pretty early on. I’m terrified to be without it after various hypo events. The timing for things to fall apart was horrible “flying blind”… long drives, … picking through meals and snacks for low carb offerings. BS was high for days. I’ve been looking into how to self-fund diabetes. I can’t stand the misguided oversight. There has got to be an affordable method.

Thank you for sharing these suggestions. I used them all and got results. There are still details I need to work out but I am wearing my new Dexcom transmitter and the sensor that was replaced and overnighted (relative to the holidays) by Dexcom.

I wish I had the energy to become a T1D Activist. It takes more energy then necessary just to get what I need to maintain my health. The system is set up for us to fail. That doesn’t make economic sense.


Hmmm… I understand my options.

I think Apple is on to something that will be a cheaper and better option for managing T1D.

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Lets see what they come up with. I don’t want to be locked in to only using upgraded phones etc.

@Lauri @Millz

I’ll have to wait until Monday to contact Dexcom (Canada). They don’t take calls over the weekend.

Rest assured that I will be requesting a replacement G5 for the defective transmitter (15 days just doesn’t quite cut it)

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Here in the US Dexcom assured me they are there 24/7, just like a doctors office. I wonder why Canada is different… Turns out Dexcom is more responsive then a doctors office. I still haven’t heard from my endo team.
I received a replacement transmitter the day after Christmas. The system actually worked although it needed a LOT of prodding. I’m sure Dexcom will replace your transmitter.