Somebody get me unmad at MiniMed

They really upset me here today!!! I called LAST MONTH with my order for another shipment of Sure T’s and the reseavor ok? I started getting antsy last week when the order still hadn’t came in so I waited til today b/f I called them back (hey I gave them time to get the mixup cleared up ok if they had one didn’t bother to call me to see though) Anyway after 30 minutes of haning on for someone to speak to me got someone there. Long story short they didn’t process my order last month b/c they had to do something in THEIR office to do so! (I had taken care of all my parts to get it!) “WHAT"S UP? CAN’T GET AN ORDER STREIGHT” I ask (almost everyone here knows I try and be nice about things and never say what would upset a supplier so I might have to change pumps is by Tuesday I don’t get my supplies. SHEZ!!!

Sorry fo;ks got to vent too. HECK I NEED MY SUPPLIES!!! A week b/f New Years I found that out the REAL hard way! SHEZ!!!

Hey Doris I had the same problem in October last. Over here in the UK it’s down to the hospital to order your supplies and then ring you when they are ready to collect. When I didn’t here from them I left it a couple of days and rang them. They said they’d call me back and when they did they just told me they had a mix up and would have to reprocess my order!! Bear in mind I only had a weeks supply left by then! I was told it could take a least a month to sort. No urgency on their part and here was me absolutely frantic with worry (why don’t they understand the urgency??) After banging my head against a beurocratic brick wall I rand Roche to see what they could do? Not a lot it would seem as they informed me they had ‘Nothing processed’ for me. By then I was frantic and near hysteric. I told the monotonous adviser that if someone didn’t do something, did he realise ‘I would die’?? Thankfully this seemed to spur him on a little and he said that on this ‘one’ occasion’ they would send me out a months supply ‘at no cost to me’ (bear in mind the huge profit accrued by these people’ I can’t tell you the relief I felt when the supplies arrived thee following day. At the same time it was an absolutely horrible feeling knowing my life seemed to depend on the incompetence of my Carers Trust ie the hospital!! Hope you get sorted Doris.

  1. Call back and demand (or ask) for an emergency order of minimum supplies send by overnight delivery. Remind them that you did everything required by you and the hold up is on their end. Remind them that your health, even your life, is in danger.

  2. Write it all out with dates, times and names and send the letter not to the Customer Care or complaints department but to every officer of the company you can find. The corporate address and a list of key executive is at this site:

Just writing out the letter will help dissipate a lot of your anger. But don’t let it stop there. Hold it for a day, rewrite it if necessary, then SEND it. Don’t forget to start with a compliment (if you can find one), stick to the facts and end with a proposed solution. (The facts might include that you’ve ‘reported’ them to tuDiabetes.)

  1. If you order again, follow up 2 weeks later to make sure everything is on track. Be a pest.

  2. Consider enlisting in automated ordering. That’s what I’m on and I get an email confirmation as each order is sent out.

  3. If you don’t want automated ordering, ask for an email confirmation of your orders when you make them.

Good luck,


This happened to me once with Medtronic. You need to demand, at a minimum, an emergency order of supplies for the next week or so. When I called I made it very clear I was OUT of supplies and had been expecting my order. They overnighted my entire order immediately.

I agree with Kari & Terry - call and tell them they have to overnight them. It was their mistake, not yours. If they give you a hard time, ask them if they would prefer you call Animas and start the pump process there!

Thank ALL of you! I will get it over nighted and Terry I WILL wright them a letter but I think your right about holding it for a day. If I had written it yesterday they might have thrown it away and put me on the “Do Not Contact” list! LOL! Hey they flustrated the crap out of me!!!

NEWS FLASH!!! The UPS Truck arrived just as I was getting off the phone with MM and had my supplies. What MM said? They would make sure they got here tomorrow! Are they confused or am I? LOL! Atleast I finally got them now on Tuesday we’ll see if another shipment comes out since I had just hung up the phone and then heard the UPS truck in my driveway.

Well, before I answer which one of you was confused, I have to ask what your BS was! At least they shipped them but they obviously have stuff mixed up!

Maybe, just maybe our system here in British Columbia, Canada works better !!! …we order through our Pharmacy( Safeway ) …have to give them a bit of lead time , however the process always works .

I get MM stuff from Vernon , down the road , which gives us a chance to have Lunch out at a favourite place :slight_smile: and here in SA , including my sensors .

Hope you are " unmad " my Dear friend !..hugs

PS Same happens with other brand companies, I believe.

Hey Nel I think now I’m over it just flustrated! LOL! I know I need to own that business. Hey I couldn’t tick ppl off any more that I was when I posted this LOL! I might just make some $$$$ off flustrating ppl! LOL!

Hey Kelly this was how flustrated I was…I didn’t even think of my bs when this happened according to my husband though I was red from the neck up. LOL! He told me that he bet my bp was threw the roof.

Ugh he was right. I just wanted to hurt someone there somehow!!!

If you were red fromt he neck up, I would bet monopoly money that your BP was higher than your BS! I was really only joking about the BS! I don’t blame you for wanting to hurt someone. That was crazy!

LOL! Hey Kelly I knew you were joking about the bs I was joking too. but the red from the neck up I wasn’t joking about! LOL! According to my husband he was worried about me having a stroke. I told him no I was just ma and do that when I’m over flustrated! (Heck you would think after 26 years with me he would know how I respond! LOL)

Yes, he should know how you respond unless he is the perfect husband that never makes you mad!

HIM??? Ugh NO!!! He has gotten to where he goes in another room while I rant on and on when I’m mad at him! LOL! Atleast over the years he HAS learned to let me rant! LOL! He used to tell me “be quite” Now if he wanted to make me madder just say that! LOL! It’s a Doris attitude! LOL!

You can have Minimed overnight you some free sample sets. They did that for us once; sent us about four sets, four IV 3000 dressing, 4 reservoirs. We were at a hospital in Philly and far from home. They will Fed Ex it by next day.