Thanks so much for the stress

so once again it bagan as a day of lovely numbers. then i got a thousand texts for my fiance who procedded to tick me off so badly with all of his not funny and badly timed jokes that i had to take a xanax just to hold the phone steady. my blood sugar has shot up to 211 (from 129 before i ate). it was actually quite amazing to me to see just how much stress affected my blood sugar. i hadn’t noticed it before because this is the first time i’ve been so stressed since i started keeping a close eye on my trends and writing them all down. note to self, there is always a reason why i don’t want to talk about certain people and from now on if they are brought up again i’m leaving the room and pushing him into traffic since he’s the one who just had to ask, “so why do you hate so-and-so?” now i have a simple answer. “because so-and-so makes my blood sugar skyrocket into the 200s. and that’s the only reason that matters right now.” push

Yes stress will do that! If I get really emotional and have a really intensive crying session, I will jump 100-200 mg/dl as well! I only notice is at these times, though I’m sure smaller stresses also cause jumps.

Wishing you a stress-free day tomorrow!!!

Stress has done that to me more than once! And I’m married to my biggest stressor of all! Can I push him into traffic too? HA!!