Sometimes things seem dark but there is always light

So yesterday I was in a bit of a tiff with life. For back story the last couple of weeks have been a testament to Murphy’s law. My car decided to die on me and after replacing the battery, two fuses, the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor it still wouldn’t run, i figured out it’s the ignition control module that’s about a hundred bucks or so, and I’m going to have to wait two weeks to buy one. Oh and my right rear tire is flat. What a sweet deal, I spent 250 bucks and the car is still dead haha, good one life, you win this round.
Oh well, that civic has gotten me through 200k miles and 10 years so I can’t be too mad right? Now, my fourth xbox 360 elite red-ringed me, So i had to send it back to microsoft, i’m pretty annoyed about that since i’ve sent them four back so far in six months, gahd my 360 pro that i’ve had since 2005 still runs perfectly…oh well more annoyed.
Okay two bad things in one week…whatev I can deal…then I remember that bad things come in threes, so I get home from class and my ridiculously expensive alienware laptop won’t turn on…the battery is fried. Awesome right? Another 130 bucks that i don’t really have, So all told none of the things that I absolutely need are running properly … so what do i do?
I decide that I’m not going to stress it…consciously anyway but my sub-cncious is running in overdrive and i’m basically feeling like the universe is out to get me…so I call my dad to vent, my dad is one of my best-friends he’s always super supportive and has great ideas about how to get over stupid crap like this, unfortunately my dad is in a call with a divorce lawyer at the moment and tells me he can’t talk. So i start feeling kind of lame about my problems since my dad is getting another divorce…makes it seem a little trivial eh?
But…I’m still super-annoyed and of course when you get stressed your numbers go out the window. I’ve been all over the chart with highs and lows this week and freaking out about isn’t helping. I hate the weird emotions that come with high and low glucose. So that’s when I have my first real breakdown about diabetes. Of course this would be the time when my gf chooses to talk about how i’ve been so distracted with my problems and busy schedule that i’m not spending enough time with her and such, which is totally true, but at the time she said it i was wrapped up in feeling depressed and totally gave her the you have no idea what my life is like speech. And she gave me back the you have no idea what it’s like to worry about you speech. and that was basically the most productive talk we’ve ever had about living with diabetes and what it does to personal relationships and everything that comes with it. It was awesome…so basically the moral of this post is that no matter how bad things seem to be going there is certainly the possibility that good will come of it. So chin up :slight_smile: and if you read all of this then thanks for listening :slight_smile: