Sometimes, you're just hungry

These conversations happen sometimes for People With Diabetes, begging the question: Is it my D, or just regular life peering through the diabetic clouds? Here’s one of the latest that played out in my own world. I’d welcome the chance to hear more about yours!

LOL Love your blog! I also sometimes have conversations with myself with regards to “hunger or low” …debating, arguing, reasoning… Thank God Im not alone!

ps. err…maybe you should make sure you’re alone when you do so…wink =)

Very cute! You know, I will share with you that, as a highly insulin resistant PWD, unexplained and gnawing hunger is a symptom of my BG going high. As long as I am in range, I don’t experience much hunger. Once in a while, if I go low, I will experience hunger - but it’s very different from the gnawing hunger when I’m high. I know there must be a physiological explanation for this - wish I understood it.