Spaghetti squash success!

I’d been hearing all sorts of great things about spaghetti squash but unfortunately it’s impossible to find here in the UK. Over the winter, I had great results with zucchini carbonara - but much as I like zucchini, the taste is still of vegetable. This spring, I got myself a pack of spaghetti squash seeds from an online garden shop. I sprouted six seeds and got five plants. But when I planted out the seedlings, one got dug up by the cat and three were devoured by slugs and snails. The last one survived. I harvested two melon-sized squash a few weeks ago and they’ve just been sitting on the counter because it looked like so much food.

But today I made linguine with meatballs for all the people in my household with normal pancreases, so I prepped half of one squash for myself. I wasn’t very hungry so I only shredded half of the half; to my surprise, it actually yielded a very small portion. I’d need at least the whole half if it was a proper meal. It was golden and starchy looking and once mixed with marinara sauce and meatballs, looked starchy and best of all, tasted starchy and not at all vegetabley.

I am so pleased with the results! Next summer, my entire garden is going to be covered with spaghetti squash plants.

So sad you can’t purchase them in the UK. The leftover portion keeps well, and can be reheated for subsequent meals.