Spasms in left side around to back. Non-painful?

All day having non painful lower left side around to back spasms. I have no idea what’s going on! They are getting more progressive and frequent. No pain. Just really weird feeling. Google has lead me to “possible” conditions and diseases including hernia, chrones disease, celiac disease ect. But I was wondering if any other type one’s have had this or may know what’s going on. I’m not gassy or constipated. Haven’t been doing heavy lifting. It’s starting to freak me out. Any thoughts or options are appreciated. Thanks

yeah. stop trying to self-diagnose and see a doctor if you are that concerned.

Oh come on, self diagnosing(guessing) is half the fun!
But I would go to the doc. I was having chronic tendinitis in my achilles tendon and originally thought it might be neuropathy(freak out time), went to the doctor and physical therapist, ended up being a pinched nerve in a lower vertebrae. Didn’t even realize how much my back was hurting until I started to do the PT exercises.
Point is don’t worry and freak out about it. Ask your doctor and make sure to stay in communication, the first idea isn’t always the right idea. But it is a good idea to educate yourself.

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Sadly, the internet has brought with it a generation (or 2) of people more willing to rely on strangers and blogs, for medical advice, instead of the more SENSIBLE course of seeking the advice of a physician who has TRAINING and can order appropriate TESTS as necessary. IMO, this isn’t even a close call, but do what you want–it’s not my body…

Yeah I’m probably gonna go to the Dr but I wanted any thoughts from fellow type one’s. I actually dx’d myself type one 4 years ago and the drs laughed at me. Then my blood work came back.

Sadly there are quite a few doctors (esp in the past) that were either unable or unwilling to make the connection between marginal blood test results and classic symptoms , and a dx of diabetes. My wife had diabetes for years, undiagnosed, to the point she had RO. It was the eye doc that got her blood tested and she finally got her dx. Its a shame that she didn’t make routine visits, so it’s not all the medical establishment’s fault. she could have been more proactive in periodically getting routine physicals. I also had many symptoms for years but was clueless and one doctor even gave me a fasting test which I failed, but he claimed I wasn’t diabetic. It was a year later that I got the dx, during a routine exam from a different doc. Too bad for me I was so clueless about my thirst, peeing every 20 minutes, blurry vision…

I’ve had this happen to me before.
In my case it’s due to a pinched nerve in my lower back caused by one or more of the car accidents I’ve lived through. If I don’t stretch out as soon as it starts it eventually binds things up enough to become painful.
Go see a doc, hopefully you’ll find out what is causing it and get some advice on how to stop or prevent it from happening again.

Magnesium deficiency is one of the most causes of muscle spasm. Hypothyroidism as well.

Magnesium is pretty easy to assess. Take Epsom salt baths and a magnesium supplement and it the spasms stop… that would be it :wink:

I always do research before I visit a doctor…and then after the visit as well. Doctors don’t know everything all the time.

In early 2014, I went to a doctor to find out why I had severe muscle spasms. When weighed at his office, I’d gained 40 lbs in the past year, and my blood pressure was high. He did labs, and my cholesterol was high. His suggestion: lose weight and take antidepressants and statins (for muscle spasms?) So, I went home and researched…went back to the doctor and insisted on a full thyroid and metabolic lab. He agreed…to give me peace of mind. The labs came back, and TSH (normally range 1-3.5) was 86. My thyroid was “dead” from long term and undiagnosed Hashimoto’s. All of the symptoms–high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain, and muscle spasms–are symptoms of hypothyroidism… but my doctor (no longer) missed the cues and diagnosed me as a depressed.

Once I was on appropriate thyroid medication (natural desiccated thyroid), blood pressure came down to normal, cholesterol came down to normal, muscle spasms ceased and I lost 50 lbs.

The moral of the story. I do my own research now and use doctors as professional consultants help me get appropriate tests and sort through information.