Spell Diabetes!

The other day when I was hypo I found a notepad and started to write Diabetes and what it means to me.
Here are some I came up with.
So everyone else just write diabetes downwards and what ever you think goes with the letter that comes up.Some of them I came up with 2 words.They may not make sense to everyone but they make sense to me.

Daily chore/Determination

Injections/ Individual yet Common.

Advances in medicine but still NO CURE!

Battle on a daily basis./ Blood drops.

Equations with every meal.

Test after test for life.

Ever lasting condition.

Survival! Harder then living in the jungle.

up and down

Diet is usually healthy.
Insulin saves lives.
A1c is in the Good zone.
Beta cells are still pushing up daisies.
Emergency phone number is 911.
Testing blood glucose often, is Very important.
Energy from Good carbs and rest.
Successful days give me confidence.

Cool game Osob. You did Well considering that you were hypo. Yes, they make sense. :slight_smile:

Don’t do it Tom. :slight_smile:

oh, it’s too early in the morning, I messed up!!! LOL

Dreaming of a cure/Diet!
Independent (I can do this…I can do this…)
Blood (duh!)
Test to be sure
Egg…Love eggs =)
Smile always…there’s hope…

Happy camper here!

Dealing daily
Infusion sites
Always there
Begging for a cure
Every Carb matters
Test strips everywhere
Smile even on suck days

Love yours Danny!


LOL Love it Danny!

That’s a really good one!

i heard this once:
I W.I.L.L. L.I.V.E. W.I.T.H. Y.O.U. B.U.T. I’.L.L . N.E.V.E.R. B.E. Y.O.U.R. F.R…I.E.N.D.

And I have to
Time I’m

Does anyone
In this world care
About the struggle?
Believe me,
Even with advances in medicine,
The pain
Exists far beyond the
Smile I wear on my face…


My daughter whos almost 9 and almost 3ys dxd, feels that she is lucky and it’s not that bad…she’s already met the jonas brothers, through JDRF, recieved prizes and does speeches to busniness, what a wonderful outlook

as her mother…“mom can i eat this?”,
“sure dear, BUT we need to check you first”
“mom, i’m not feeling well”…“then lets check your numbers”
“why are you crying, we better check you”…

Ask her what she thinks about it 15 years from now… when the Jonas Brothers don’t matter… strangers don’t give you prizes… and she has to work at a business that could care less about her fluctuations in BG numbers…

I once had a great outlook… and I didn’t get jack for it. There weren’t carnivals for diabetics… no pop-culture kick backs, and no opportunities for me to go around the adult world and tell ppl how a good “outlook” is so beneficial-- just cause I’m some kid who gets stuck with needles.

When you stop managing her diabetes… and she actually has to do it all… with no resources… again, ask her about her perspective.

Good Luck!

No you are so wrong on this. now don’t get me wrong diabetes does suck sometimes but at the same time there are so many worse diseases out there like cancer which I know because I had leukemia when I was 14 to 17 and I made it out alive! We get the chance to share the news on diabetes and help others who can’t help them selves we are a different breed and not all day are great and easy but it is all in your outlook C.J

Tara it seems your daugther has a wonderful outlook I only pray she keeps it! you seem like a good mom!

C.J. I thought you wanted to be a Doctor? I’ve been diabetic sense 1985. I was diagnosed when I was two and a half years old and I still remember life before diabetes and wouldn’t take anything back if I could. So I can’t serve in the military, big deal. I have no complications and am healthier than a lot of non diabetics. Stop throwing your Grey Crayolas around as it’s not pretty.

~ How I’m feeling now coming here after my son’s 3am check…thanks guys! .