Spibelt; any users?

I’m thinking about getting one to keep my Dexcom Reciever/Energy gel on me whenever I would usually perfer to go with nothing on me. Have any of you had experience with one of these? What are your thoughs

We’ve had some discussions in the past which might interest you -

Do a search for spibelt and you will find all that this site has on this subject.

I have 2 of them. One is just the pouch that I slide onto my belt and the other is the double pouch built into a stretchy belt. I like them both for their intended purposes. They are USA made which I appreciate too.

I don’t use them consistently, but when I have the need, they fill that need.
Good luck.

I got one a couple weeks ago for when I go running. And I love it. I usually put my ipod in it, with a few sugar tabs and my house key. It really is great and it really doesn’t bounce like the website says!!! Well it bounced one run when I put WAAAY too much stuff jammed into it. lol. But it’s worth it to get one, I think.

I’ve had five of them. I keep giving them away to people who admire them. Great for running.


Almost best thing Ive bought diabetes-wise my entire life.

Have it. Love it. Want another one :slight_smile:

Indeed a very good investment!

thanks for that link

I should have searched