Insulin pump belts

I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for 20 years and have used a pump for 15. I have never used any kind of belt and want to know what types other pump users prefer. I’ve only relied on pockets in shorts and pants. Summers coming and I want to try a belt or thigh strap for dresses.
What is the most comfortable? Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

I’ve used spibelts and now I’m using those and another one from pumpcases on amazon. This one has a vertical pocket that opens with a Velcro closure which I like. It’s easier to get at my pump. They do tend to move around more than my Spi belts The pumpcases one comes in different sizes so you can use it on your legs or arms too. I use mine in my waste and I clip my Dexcom on it too. I’m going to get a soft flannel one soon for more comfort when sleeping. I have to wear mine under sleeping clothes so my kitten doesn’t chew the tubing.

I’ve given up on dresses because I don’t like the band around my waist with a dress. I leave my pump out in the open mostly so I can access it- sometimes it’s under my shirt or jacket a bit. I dont want to have to start going into my bra or lifting up my dress to bolus etc. pockets were not reliable.

I use a Spibelt during the day, I like the secure catch & it doesn’t tend to move much. But at night I use a Waist-It as there is no hard buckle to dig into you if you lie on it. I prefer to wear my pump in a belt & not in a pocket as it stays in place when I go to the toilet. I wear my Dexcom receiver in a Tally Gear pouch which I clip onto the Spi Belt, it has a transparent window so I can just reach down & look at it. At night the Dexcom receiver sits on my wooden night stand next to the bed, it vibrates well on the wood & wakes me up.

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I make my daughter pump belts out of cotton knit fabric. It is kinda like a pregnancy belly band except I put a pocket on it for her pump that closes with velcro. They are comfy and soft and great for sleeping. Now she’s only 10 so she doesn’t care about what it looks like, but if people see her band it just looks like she’s wearing a tank top under her shirt.

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I will send you my measurements #Leelaa ! Lol

radrr makes a great pouch and mine came with a belt. But I prefer to combine their pouch with the spibelt. More pockets is “more good”.

haha Betsy… I’ve often thought of making them to sell… perhaps I should!

These are the closest I could find that look like what I make, except I use cotton knit and put a pocket on the outside.

How about a Flipbelt?


I have a flip belt. Stays in place great! Only problem I ordered too small and it squeezes me! Too expensive for me to get another. Gets the job done when I’m at the gym.

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Any of you have suggestions for a belt/pouch/whatever to secure a pump while on a bicycle? I’m 38, never made it past training wheels as a kid and trying to learn now. At the moment during practice sessions (30 minutes or so) I simply disconnect and leave it in my purse so that if I fall there’s no way I can hurt it. But once I get up and going rides may be long enough that I’m not going to want to disconnect. I fear I’ll fall and hurt the pump; my husband fears I’ll fall ON the pump and hurt ME. I’ve googled but am unsure and not finding much that claims to be protective of the pump itself–most durability claims are about the case surviving…I’m more worried about the pump surviving.