Spike App vs. Dexcom App

I’m interested in learning more about the Spike app form those using it and what the advantages/disadvantages are vs. the Dexcom G6 app. I used the Spike app to reset the clock on the G6 transmitter last week. I didn’t explore any of the other elements in the app, but it looked interesting.

I love the spike app although I’m not currently using it since the U.S. 14 day libre won’t work with it yet. I’m in the process of getting through insurance for a dexcom and I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to using spike when I get it since it’s so customizable.

The alarms can be something like a dozen different sounds and didn’t ever annoy me or get trapped in an alarm loop since you can tell the app to not alarm for any time you want. I have it set to 30 minutes for lows and 1 1/2 hours for highs and that seems to work really well for me.

You can also alter the alarm timing right from the alarm instead of having to go into settings so if you want another reminder in 15 minutes or something it will do that instead.

I think the only downside to using spike with the G6 is that you do have to give it an initial calibration but I suppose you could just enter in the reading on the dexcom app or receiver if you want it to read the same as the app.