Urgent Low Alarm on Dexcom App

I was wondering if anyone found a fix to silent the urgent low alarm. I use the G5 with the iPhone app, and I’ve worked around this situation by having a headphone plug plugged into the headphone outlet. I cut the wire off so it’s just the plug. This allows me to bypass the alarm during the day and just get a vibration. The issue is that the newer iPhones now have wireless headphones, and I’m told that the headphone plug for the wireless headphones is quite large. I just wanted to see if anyone has a creative solution. Thanks.

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If there are features with the Dexcom provide app that you don’t like, you could take a look at some of the other apps available to see if you prefer those?

Spike for Apple iOS
xdrip+ for Android OS

Note: Only FYI and am not pushing either of those. We use the Dexcom G6 Mobile App on an Apple iPhone.