States ranked by percentage of population fully vaccinated: July 14

I found this list interesting. States range from 33.4% for Alabama to 66.5% for Vermont. My state is at 54%.

Remember, kids under 12 ineligible.

Hey Indiana is at 43% number and number 38. We are only twelve from our goal of number 50. Yeah we are over halfway !!!

High five Indiana !!


I keep hearing of the vaccination rates and then you find out it includes people that only had one shot out of the two needed. That’s important right now as the immunity rate for Pfizer and Moderna really drops with one shot against the Delta variant.

For instance they keep saying the US is 55% vaccinated, but it’s one out of two shots that’s included in that number and I had wondered how many are actually fully vaccinated. (48%).I am surprised actually that it’s only a 7% difference.

And lol…Mayo Clinic has a chart that gives both vaccinated and partially vaccinated with different numbers than this chart…I usually would side with Mayo Clinics as being more accurate except their numbers are higher and looking at my state I think your chart is closer to what I’ve heard. Who knows…

I’m in California, kinda of middle of the pack, but if you look at the data, 20 million doses in California. that is a lot ! and still only half of the way.
Masks are becoming rarer these days, im so tired of the whole thing.
I hoping more people get the vaccine so we can have some normalcy

We are in a hospital in WA St, which has more people vaccinated than many states. The nurse getting my husband ready for an angioplasty procedure is not vaccinated and this infuriates me.


I would be infuriated, too, Marilyn. Hospitals should require all staff to be vaccinated. That is part of their ethical duty of care. Best of luck with your husband’s procedure.


Thanks Terry. I find this unbelievable, but I am not saying anything because she is taking care of my husband. She told him he could take his mask off, and I told him to leave it on. Hers did not fit well.

They don’t expect my husband to need stents, but they are trying to find out what is causing so much electrical activity in his heart.

Thanks for the good wishes Terry.

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No stents! I was worried because his brother has one and another brother died at 65 probably from heart issues.


My understanding is that the biggest hurdle to this at the moment is that the covid vaccines have still not received the final safety approval. They only have emergency approval because of the pandemic. However, the final safety approval should not be that much further off. When it comes I will be curious to see by how much policies change.

One example which comes to mind is all the routine vaccinations I was required to receive during my time in the military. Once the covid vaccine receives final approval, covid will certainly be added to the list of mandatory vaccinations.

I expect something similar will occur for those working in health care. There will also no doubt be an accompanying chorus of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects. :roll_eyes:

What wonderful news, @Marilyn6 ! I was so glad to read this :slight_smile:

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Thanks Tapestry! The cardiologist said that his arteries and heart look great!


Hah! And rending of garments, too!


The doctor who performed the angioplasty called this morning. Out of frustration I complained to him about the nurse. He said that he will put in a complaint, but that half of WA ST health care workers aren’t vaccinated and that nothing can be done about it. He said that you can’t fix stupid.

I usually resist vindictive tendencies but I couldn’t resist posting this graphic.


I am still confused about why hospitals don’t feel that they can mandate covid vaccines for staff…?

Other employers are mandating vaccines for return to office… for example, mine.

I think it is because the vaccine is only approved under an EUA (emergency use authorizations). It hasn’t received full FDA approval yet.

The bureaucracy moves slowly but it is moving.

From a CNN story published today:

(CNN)Pfizer and BioNTech said Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration has granted priority review designation to their application for full approval of their Covid-19 vaccine, and an FDA official said the decision will come “soon”.

The FDA official told CNN on Friday that a decision on full approval is likely to come within two months.

And it should infuriate you. Can you send a letter to the hospital administrators?

Good Lord.

The only thing I could think of to bring a sliver of not so bad news to your situation is that might it be possible that your nurse was previously infected?

I think it had more to do with the fact that she had American Flags painted on her fingernails. I am guessing that she might have a political reason for choosing to not vaccinate.

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