Stereotactic core biopsy

I had a mammogram last week and went back in for a stereotactic core biopsy this morning. They saw some calcifications in my right breast during the mammogram and wanted to get samples to test to see what is going on.

The procedure is one of the least invasive ones, so I'm lucky in that respect. I also let the doctors know I'm an insulin-dependent diabetic, so they had that in mind too. Because of my diabetes, I know it will take me a bit longer to heal and there is a higher risk of infection. It was great to have the doctor understand this too.

I'm wondering has anyone else out there with IDDM had this procedure done? If so, what was your experience?

I've already looked at EVERYTHING I could find on this breast cancer forums and even a video made by the folks who manufactured the device they used for my biopsy. The one thing I've not found are women like me with diabetes who've had this procedure done.

I'm just curious about how long it took to heal and general observations about your experience.


Thanks for the tips on steroids or medications. However, I'm post-procedure now, and I wasn't given anything. I just got some ice packs, and I've taken the gauze and the compression wrap off. Because I'm diabetic, I've actually got a freezer with four ice packs in it, so I'm using those instead of the disposable ones they gave me. I'm saving those to take with me to work tomorrow, and I'll also bring one ice pack from my freezer.

The doctor did ask me about my A1c level and told me I should be okay. We'll see. Thanks! :)

Hi Regina,

I hope that your recovery goes well and that the results are good news!

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Thank you, marty1492. :slight_smile:

Ages ago, and pre fancy -mammograms days,in the 80's and early 90's; I had multiple breast biopsies through in-office procedures. I finally got diagnosed with a form of fibro cystic breast disease My breasts are just "lumpy" and cancer-free. Still are. I was young and I healed right away.. I do not know what my A1c was at the time, nor if what they did was similar to the surgery that you had, Regina. I just know that it involved stitches, itches, and some scarring.. but I had no problems with the surgeries.

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Thanks, Brunetta. I'm in my 40s, so we'll see. What I had isn't the same procedure you had, I think, as there are no stitches. They directed a compiter-giided needle in to take samples and they applied tape to seal the small incision. In my initial post I added a link that describes the procedure.

All I can do is wait now. Let's hope I'm part of the 75% or so that have something benign. We'll see.

I was really curious about what recovery is like and then I wondering if other type 1s had talked about it here. I've found tons of stuff on it, including breast cancer pages and forums where women talk about their experience in detail. None, however, have mentioned having type 1 diabetes on top of that. Coming home with a breast they just stuck a needle into, ice packs for pain, and a fair amount of uncertainty isn't fun. I'm learning as I'm going through it right now. So far, so good as it's not so bad two days out.

U R right Regina, the procedure that you had done did not even exist when I had my surgeries. I actually think it is less invasive than my cut and needle biopsies, aspirations, etc.. I am just 10 days out from a broken tibula repair myself, and so far so good for me AS WELL. I am not trying to minimalize the risks, yet I am convinced our surgical healing will be just fine.

God bless,

Yeah, the procedure I had is nothing compared to having a surgical biopsy. So, for that, I'm very thankful. However, it's still the unknown, and when I'm facing that I look for information. It's not even fear. It's just I like to know what's coming if I can.

Hope you recover complication free, so far things seem to be going fine for me.

Please research diabetic mastopathy, which occurs in long term T1, pre and post menopausal women. This condition does not manifest into breast cancer. I hope your results are negative and that your recovery is swift.

My results are negative. I got them yesterday, and what they found were just benign and not pre-cancerous changes.


I'll definitely do bit more into diabetic mastopathy (DMP), thanks Equestrain. My radiologists know I'm a type 1, in fact, towards the end I got a few questions about my A1c levels as that definitely impacts how you heal. I'm hoping they're aware of DMP, but it never hurts to ask.

From what I read, what happened with me was pretty standard = microcalcifications that they weren't sure about that turned out to be benign. What I've found on DMP is that those are more dense and, from the quick reading so far, a lot of them are getting surgical biopsies and ultrasound.

By the time I got to the mammogram, there was no lump (although that was what got me to finally schedule a mammogram.) Good to know about one more possible thing that might trip things up. (I'd rather know than not know.)

Hi Regina,

So glad to hear that your results were negative! May you heal easily and may your results continue to be good!

Best wishes,


Thank you, marty1492. :) (Replying here as I can't reply to your latest post...odd forum setup.)

I was starting to get antsy as the info page where I went said I'd get my results in less than a week. When Monday hit and I'd not heard anything, I got a bit stressed. However, once I asked my primary care doc, I got my results. It seems like where I went radiology channels those results through the referring physician, which makes sense, but doesn't help when you're itching to know your test results.

For now, I seem to be healing well too. Still a bit of a bruise but otherwise things seem to be okay. I've been really good with simply leaving it alone. The one thing I don't want to do with is an infection, but I think I'm past that point being a week in. :)

Glad to hear that all went well,Regina.
God bless,

Regina, thanks for posting this, I'd never heard of it. I just talked to my sister and she had one yesterday, so I was glad to know a little about it as I gave her some hugs over the phone. and YEAH glad you're ok!

Hope your sister gets an "all clear" result too, and you're welcome. When I didn't see anything about it here when I searched, I figured a thread would help me in terms of helping my anxiety but would also help other folks looking for info. :)

And, yes, I'm thrilled that it's all benign for now. Waiting a week really stressed me out a bit, but they had to analyze the samples. I can't be too mad at them for doing a through job.

Thanks, Brunetta! (Like marty1492's comment, I can't reply, so replying here.)

I'm thrilled that I got an all clear. In fact, I let myself stay up late last night even though it was a "school night"! ;)