The story of my Dolly Partons as I fondly like to call them

Back in my early 30’s I experienced some problems with my left breast - and of course - the first reaction was “breast cancer”. I was immediately seen by a breast surgeon to determine why my breast tissue was sinking in - along with the lumps (like many women - I have very dense breast tissue). Needle biopsies were useless due to the hardness of the lump - so over the next 5 years - I underwent many slice ‘n dice procedures as more growths appeared - drainage tubing - core biopsies, yadda, yadda, yadda. I was a medical oddity - making medical journalist documents to the point where I was willing to go to a Miami medical conference and stand naked up on the stage for someone to say - " Ahh haa - we know what it is !!! ".
To read the rest of my saga - just go to this link.

Anna, as with Diabetes you’ve had another adventure with your Dolly’s. Although not unscathed you’ve survived run the course and proven yourself a winner as always…God bless.

Thanks Anna for sharing your story:) May you be well and know you are loved.

Wow…very informative! Thanks Anna.
I haven’t had a (dreaded) mammogram in 2 years…hate them/need them…they’re just so painful! But…I guess it’s time.

Thanks for posting this Anna ; I understand women with type 2 D should be awere as well as men . Linda, why the pain of a mammogram ???.. I would say " it’s cold " …not painful . I have been advised : People on pumps should remove their pump , when receiving a mammogram .
Anna ( others ?? ) , please visit my recent blog and result of " my chronic lymphodema " tests, 26 years after breast surgery . I am OK is my good news .

Thanks, Anna. I have dense breast tissue and always had “lumpy” breasts, since I was in my late 20’s; I am now 54. After numerous core and needle boipsies in the 80’s and 90’s ( no cancers found), I was referred to a specialist in breast cancer who said to leave my “Partons” alone, that nothing was “wrong " with them. She said I was lumpy from the scar tissue from all the pervioius biopsies as well; and that she would not suggest any further surgeries. Noone has ever brought up “diabetic mastopathy” to me. I am still a litle lumpy . When I am given an exam by a new nurse practicioner at my long-term GYN’s office, they always are concerned about the little lumpies and want to refer me for repeat mammograms, but I tell them they are not ncessarry. I have a yearly one done which always comes out negative. I do not have any pain . nor discomfort, nor any changes in the lump in years.It is not not particularly hard, the one lump I have is just " there”., no indications of any cancer. So I am just leaving it as is. Thanks again for the info.

God Bless,

Well, Nell…every woman responds differently. To me, having my breast sandwiched and compressed to the point of being flattened like a pancake, all the while being pushed forward and held securely against the apparatus…is painful. Now that I’m menoposal though, it might be of less discomfort! :frowning:

I’m really lucky that mammograms have never been painful - the technicians over the years used to cringe when they would flatten my Dolly’s down (what a horrible job when you think about it - but it will save a life - so the discomfort is well worth it). Again, because of having dense breast tissue - which is very common for small breasted women - we tend to not have much feelings in the breast tissue - so I guess it’s a blessing in a way for us - but sometimes very difficult for the technician to exam the results. I’ve have ultrasounds done in order to view the results better - that was fun - waiting for my turn - while women around me who were pregnant were waiting for their turn (I felt left out of the party ). Just curious - has anyone had a digital mammography? It’s supposed to be better then the standard mammography - since the recorded data can be enhanced, magnified, or manipulated for further evaluation. My insurance company said it was covered by the Quebec government but I would have to pay first at the clinic - and then send in the receipt for reimbursement - fine by me - at $450 CDN if I get better results. When I made the appointment - I was told that I would have to sign a waiver form saying I would not claim reimbursement. That floored me to the point of almost crying. I can’t afford to pay that out of my own pocket - but can’t imagine someone who may have cancer - and in the same boat as myself - having to make that financial decision if they’re living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

Yes…money speaks loud and clear! More money…better treatment. That goes for any form of treatment.
I was involved with advocacy for a while in my continuing volunteering with the Canadian Diabetes Association…part of the battle was to bring awareness to the powers that be in government, for fair and equitable coverage across the country. You’d get complete coverage in Nunavut…but an empoverished province such as Newfoundland was left out in the cold, having to deal with partial coverage. Many diabetics doing without what was best for them…and having to choose between one med or another…could not afford both!! I too can’t afford to dish out $450!!! matter how good the treatment is!

Linda, I did not mean to discount your pain …my apologies, if it came across that way .I am small , only one breast and have been menoposal for about 20 years. Have had mammograms for well over 25 years, yearly .

Never a digital mammogram yet.I googled and have the impression , that Ontario does do digital and no extra costs were mentioned …hope I read it correctly .

No…I’m sorry Nel if I came across rather ruffled…didn’t mean to. Someone told me once that not only does having a mammogram close to your menses…make it more painful, but also the locale has some bearing, in that some technicians are more gentle than others. Same applies for other testings, when it comes to a more gentle approach…I remember going for allergy testings as a teen, and the nurse, who was incidently a very large woman, must have put her full weight into every shot (I weighed no more than 100 lbs at the most back then!!)…Holy Moley…I thought the blasted thing was going right through me…and what a cold personality she had…no bedside manner whatsoever!!! Makes you wonder what she was doing in that profession!

I’ve got to look into that…the digital mammogram…Did you just type in the procedure???

Thanks so much for educating us, too. Like most I suppose, I’ve never heard of this. Thank you so much for bringing it to the attention of the women in our community!

Melissa - like I wrote in my blog - I am not only educating a few of you about this - but also alot of the medical community - as most doctors aren’t aware of this little glitch that can happen to a diabetic - besides the usual eye, internal organs problems that can occur over time with some diabetics.

Maybe the way mine turned out is abit of a glitch - since I’d had a motorcycle accident when I was in my early 20’s. Feel hard on a tree stump (darn thing got in the way of my bike as I did my Ms. Evil Kneivel impersonation) - and I wacked that left breast pretty hard - as well as a few others things. Maybe this made matters worse for me - who knows. Just a combination of alot of things over the years - maybe lead to my mastopathy being abit worse then normal. Main thing is IT IS NOT CANCER!!!

yes, Linda …I typed in " digital mammography " and found a link (link , I think, that’s what is it called ) to digital mammography Ontario…worth a try !!
I started out having mammy’s in the hospital I worked…the staff was always nice to me and along the way , they have been very professional , good bedside mannerish .In other words I cannot recall one bad experience …the techy listens to me , when I am explainng about my pump and radio activity concerns .