......a cool website i found

I was surfing this website and happened upon this cool website for diabetics…it has these real nice bags with cool designs to hold your testing supplies. Go check it out. I have already started my wish list.

. The Jet Setter line is the perfect carry-all for when you need a little more d-goods and you’d still like to carry things with you like a wallet, bottled water and lip gloss to name a few. But of course you still have to be style-forward, and be true to your own personality. With all that in mind we have found a too cute solution. The Jet Set carry-all. Not too big, not too small but just right, with all the right compartments especially for you, and of course with the Stick Me Design contemporary flair.

Our first Jet Setter available the East Coast bag is ready to take you on long errands or on a weekend holiday.

… Jet Set…Go!

Rickina’s bags are wonderful!

I took mine with me to the hospital because they told me to leave my purse at home. I could stash all sorts of helpful things in it’s small space including my insulin pen.