Stop grabbing my arms!

Kind of funny, but can get annoying. Several of my friends already know I’m type 1 and then some don’t. However, it never fails, when I go out on a Friday or Saturday night someone always grabs my arms. Whether it’s a friend or girl I’m talking to and then I get to explain what I’m hiding under my sleeve. Some are taken back, some are like “oh, I know someone else that’s type 1”, or holy sh*t I never knew!

Don’t mind, don’t really care, I’m just more like “don’t you dare knock that off or pull on it, I just filled it up today!”

hahaha, I completely agree with you! someone grabbed my arm today, and I was like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! lol people just dont think, but its quite annoying, haha

I wear my pod usually on my stomach. Someone is always grabbing me by the waist…and probably feel it ,but, they don’t say anythinkg.

Dee I have the same thoughts. I get a laugh wondering what they think it is.

I get that all the time too, many of my friends who know don’t acknowledge the fact that I have type 1. I usually don’t tell people until they ask me, which is usually pretty rare since they often think I’m on my phone when I’m bolusing or something. I’d say the most annoying part is when someone grabs your arm or bumps into you hitting your hip, since I don’t want my site to come out, especially if I’m about to change it, since it’s so painful once on that 3rd day. Some reactions I usually get when people remember I have type 1, after not seeing me for a while is: oh, that’s right, you can’t eat that dessert.

Do you like the omnipod better than a traditional pump with tubing? I have an Animas right now, but am considering the omnipod for when I have to replace it in a year.

i was at a party once and someone just started poking my pod. it was quite irritating but my friend jumped right to my side to yell at the guy haha

I used a minimed pump before my pod and wow. What a complete difference! I was always catching tubing and pulling out my sets! The pod ok sure its a little more bumpy on your arm/stomach but once its there I just forget about it! Actually have to check sometimes that its still there lol

LOL… I’ve been getting that too. Feel like I’m always trying to jerk away from people.

So true. I just got on a pump and have only had it for a little over a month. Been wearing them on my stomach mostly ( too scared to try the arm yet) and like DBolding says sometimes i have to check to make sure it’s still there. But when girls give me a hug i have felt a few of them grab the pod. Some have said something and some had said nothing. I always wonder what they’re thinking though! aztype1 go for it! Omnipod has been a great transition. I didn’t have pump before but i couldn’t imagine one you have to haul around with you all the time and have tubing!! Don’t think i would be a pumper if that was the case!

My 6 year old son wears the pod. He told me the other day he get so tired of kids saying " What’s wrong with your arm?!" I asked him what he says. "I just don’t answer them. "

I am a music teacher, and I get TONS of hugs from kids aged 5-10 every day. So far, those that have touched it haven’t even asked about it (I wear mine on my stomach). I haven’t told the kids that I wear it or that I’m diabetic, but I would if they asked what it was. The scariest thing that happened was when my autistic 6 year old student hugged me, happened to touch my pod, and then yanked on it! Luckily the cannula didn’t come out, but I sure was scared there for a sec, as I had a full day of kids to teach!

The most annoying is when someone grabs and pulls at it. I’m like what the hell are you doing? I don’t care, it’s just annoying. It’s a pack of smokes rolled up in my sleeves! I don’t know remember now which arm it’s on I’m so used to it by now. Love the omnipod