What Questions/Reactions do people give about your Insulin pump?

I have a new animas pump and have recieved mixed reactions from my family and friends about wearing the pump. Some ask “Why would you want to have that THING connected to you?” Others joke and say, “Wow, maybe you can get cast as a Cyborg in the next Terminator series.”

What kind of reactions do you get?

I have the Omnipod, so unless its showing on my arm people don’t notice. But I had it on my arm once when my best friend came over and she saw it and was like “WHAT IS THAT” and I explained. Her reaction was “so, you have the really bad kind of diabetes?” first time i heard that. so i tried to tell her about my condition, she didn’t really listen. Then about 2 wks later we were squished in the back seat of the car and she leaned against it and was like “aw, it sucks that you have to have that on” she felt sorry for me! jokes on her, cuz i LOVE it. She didn’t get that I wanted it and it helps so much. I have also gotten a “thats so big” and “thats tiny” so it all depends on the person and their knowledge =)

well my girlfriend says im kinda like a robot with my omnipod on cause I need it to live. But the other day I had it on my arm and some guy thought it was a ciggerate patch haha so yeah it gets kinda funny

I use the Omnipod and I get good reactions;) LOL I think it’s because the Omnipod is still new and a lot of people have never seen it before.
The other day I did a site change at work with my coworkers watching. I don’t mind showing people my pod and I don’t mind answering questions.
I think it depends on the person and their knowledge of diabetes and insulin systems.

I wear a minimed 712 (just got my new 722 Real Time System in the UPS today, so I will be upgrading soon!) and people very rarely realize I have a pump. I typically wear it tucked into a shorts pocket and am just really discreet about it. Folks who do see it typically don’t know what to say, so I just keep it very low key and say that I have had Type 1 diabetes for many years and that this is how I get my insulin. I am very private in “real life” about my diabetes and I have found if I don’t make a big deal of diabetes, then others don’t make a big deal or treat me differently.

I have had a few people see my pump on my waist band and ask about it…Most say they know someone that uses an insulin pump too…It’s harder with kids to explain what it is…I just say it’s what is keeping me alive and healthy…they still want to try and play with it…especially my 2 1/2 yr granddaughter…she has even tried to take my CGM off…now that would have hurt…

I have had plenty of people inquire about my pump and I am more than happy to educate them and tell them what it does. It doesn’t bother me and I make no attempt to hide the fact that I use an insulin pump.

When I pull my Minimed 722 out to check my CGM graphs or bolus, I’ve had people ask if I’m texting on a few occasions!

I tell them it’s my insulin pump, and usually their first reaction to that is “oh, sorry!” Haha, which, I try and explain after that that I don’t mind discussing and that it’s a good thing. XD

I have been on a pump for 5 years. Like others have posted, the more low-key and matter of fact I am about it, the less it is an issue. I tell people what it is, saying '“It is an insulin pump. I am a type one diabetic and this is how I get my medicine so I do not have to take shots.” That generally keeps most perple quiet and satisfied if they Have more questions… I just answer them.

God Bless

I only wish people would ask me what that “thing” is on my belt.This would give me perfect opprotunity to tell them what the pump has done for me in keeping me healthier.I don’t try to hide it.I am proud to have it like it is part of my body.

My favorite in the past 10 years I’ve been pumping, from someone I had just met and who did not know I was diabetic:

“Dude, does that thing go into your spine?”

“Yes. It does.”


“Yeah. You do what you have to.”

Hi Kathy. Part of my motivation to get a pump was the “high tech” aspect of it. My husband now calls me “Super Diabetic!” (Imagine a cape blowing blowing in the wind :slight_smile:

Are you getting less reactions now that you have had your pump for a while?

I still don’t know how visible I will wear mine, but I would love to explain, I am sure. The spine comment cracks me up!!! Way to play along! I get hooked up with insulin in my pump by Aug 5th! I think they look like old cell phones or music players. =)

honestly i have never had a weird comment about it, very surprisingly. i was at universal studios/islands of adventure in orlando last week and at least on of the days i walked around in shorts and a bakini top (hot as hell!/ waterrides) and had the pump hooked up to my stomach and clipped to my shorts. A LOT of weird looks or second glances but no one said a thing about it

i’ve worn it to the beach a few times and only friends have asked about it.
But my bf has taken to calling me the terminator since i’m slightly robotic now lol :slight_smile:

Well I get reaction like oh it is so cute and pink and so little. It looks like a cell phone. Or does it hurt. I have an animas ping. You can’t see mine unless I show it but I always do cause it is so cute.