Strange Food Combos

Other night, I was going low and headed to the kitchen. Eyes were not at their peak as I had been asleep for about 4 hours. Quickly tried to figure out what would jack my BG of 53 up to a normal level, I settled on some purple frosting and provolone cheese. Not the best tasting decision…you ever look at your hypo food choice and go “what was I thinking?”

Ha! Fu-NEEE!

Just hope there weren’t any plastic splinters stuck in your teeth when you came to…

Lat night around 2am, I woke burning up… I uncovered myself and try to get comfortable… I couldn’t so I decided to check my blood sugar… It was 58… I went to the kitchen… I had No milk cuz my kiddos drank it all so I drank some juice… I always drink milk to bring up my blood sugar when I have a low… Milk will bring it up faster than anything else… I heard that from a Diabetic class that I went to… I understand when you’re having a low during the night… It’s hard to fingure out what do eat or to do about it cause you’re not fully awake yet…

Oh, good. I could just see trying to explain that to a dentist, “yeah, my fillings all came out because I was chewing on my clock radio.” That may be the funniest image ever :smiley:

I heard a guy speak once that tried to eat candle wax that he grabbed off his nightstand in the middle of the night. He had a BG of 38 when he checked.

I also had a type one friend that would eat lays potato chips with chocolate syrup. She said it was the perfect sugar-carb-fat mix to bring her sugar up and keep it up.

I think I would prefer a peanut butter sandwich!!

I’ve seen the chocolate-covered potato chips in candy stores. They’re actually quite tasty.

For a hypo I often drink coke (which I think tastes foul these days!) or Jellybeans. Both are things I don’t love, so they’re easy to have in the house without pigging out.

Very boring for hypo foods, so I thought I’d tell you about peanut butter & pickle sandwiches… yum!!
I used to like banana & mustard sandwiches too :smiley:

once, i was at 31 and in a panicked frenzy, I grabbed a bowl of frosted mini wheats and yogurt…decided to throw the yogurt on the cereal…

it was quite tasty!