Studio time and date problem fixed

I've been using Dexcom's Studio program for several years now. I upload my data several times each day. Since March 5, new data shows up in the Glucose Trend graph but not in the Daily Stats report. The most current data in the Daily Stats report is from March 5 while today is March 8.

I have downloaded and installed a fresh copy of Studio and have rebooted my computer. It does not solve this problem.

Has any one else dealt with this?

Sorry, Terry, no clue. I'm having a different issue with Studio.

Ever since I uploaded the new 505 software, Studio does not see the receiver. Anyone else with this problem?

I'm going to call Dexcom tomorrow. I've received help from them about Studio before. Maybe we both could find our answer there. I just thought I might poll the users here in case somebody has seen the same thing as me.

I upgraded to the 505 software and did not have any problems like you describe.

I'll call them tomorrow as well. I started the Omnipod on Thursday so I am a bit overwhelmed with technology!


Re-installing the software doesn't fix database problems, and that sounds like what you are experiencing. You could easily delete your "patient" in the software and create a new one to fix the database. Keep in mind your Dexcom stores many months of data, so re-uploading the data from the receiver is not a problem. I wouldn't even bother with daily uploads, unless you are just curious as to your progress. I personally upload weekly, basically every time I have to charge the receiver unit. I also had to delete the data and start over once, and the Dexcom uploaded quite a bit of past data to the new patient I created. Anyway, Dexcom support will help with that if you need it.

Thanks, Scott. It makes sense that I have a database problem. You think that my Dex receiver has many months of data? One of the things I don't like about the Dex is the fact that changing transmitters creates a discontinuity in the data.

I do daily downloads because I find that my insulin needs are dynamic. They are changing, slowly but still changing. In the past I would drift out of range and would not restore control for a few weeks. Now I react within days.

Mystery solved. On March 5th I traveled across two time zones and changed the time on my Dex receiver. Apparently I mistakenly changed the year back to 2014. So Studio dutifully recorded that data as March 5, 2014 through March 9, 2014.

The Dex rep had me send him the patient file and he called back 10 minutes later with the answer.

Lesson learned: when changing the time on the Dex receiver make certain the day, month, and year are the date you want! With the twice per year time changes, it provides opportunities to screw up the the time and date.

Terry, so glad you posted this and glad I happened to read it an hour ago. I just downloaded my daughter's receiver to Studio and the last date it read was March 3. Instead of freaking out, I checked the date and sure enough, it said 2014. The weird thing is, I'm not sure why it cut off last Tuesday. I changed the time just yesterday for daylight savings, so it should have read thru at least Saturday night. Guess I'll have to call Dexcom tomorrow.

I'm glad it helped someone else. The Dex technical customer service, including Studio help, works 24/7. That surprised me. Call when it's convenient for you. The young man was helpful and competent.