Stupid things people say to me

I’m a terrible person, I know. I haven’t written a blogpost on this website for over two years so hang me… People vaguely seemed to enjoy reading my previous blogposts so I’ve decided to write a few more. In the last post that I wrote, I spoke about the good things about having diabetes and I can write a sequel to that if anyone wants it but today I’m going to be miserable. I’m british: it’s allowed.

I am a very lucky diabetic. I have a very large very string group of supportive, kind and clever friends who know almost as much about diabetes as I do due to them researching hard about it and then asking informative questions. Unfortunately, most other people ask utterly ridiculous questions and say the most stupid of things to me about diabetes. The world is full of people who think they know everything but actually know very little. I am blunt about this as I see no point in sugar coating it; you’re diabetics therefore doing so would play havock with your sugar levels. I’m sure you’ve all suffered the same so I hope that all of us diabetics, although predominantly us type ones as many of my rants will be particular to the type I possess, will be able to relate very strongly and possibly have a bit of a giggle.

  1. ‘So do you have to wear that pump thing in bed?’

Well would you turn a pacemaker off at night? In the same way that your heart needs to beat when you are asleep in order for you to survive, you still need insulin to be alive. If anyone took any real time to think about to this would be clear to them.

  1. ‘But you’re so skinny!’

I was the fattest child in the world at the age of four. The m&s fitted me with a gastric band and now look at me! Sorry for the sarcasm. This I blame partially on the media as frequently they talk about the lifestyle related causes of type two diabetes but do not specify which type,