Success and meeting our needs can happen

This is going to be a totally different post that I usually do; I am the person who is (what I call) whining about not getting what I want or the problems with the system. NOT TODAY!!! I met with my CDE and nutritionist yesterday, our main focus was Lantus and what it could do for me. For over 6 months I have been begging to be taken off Janumet and amaryl I just wasnt feeling physically well or having energy. Reasons for not doing it were many, from don't mess with success, to consistency, to you're not there (to injectables) yet. But as some know, I don't give up easily --- my message to those who want to take charge of their own care in anything, DO NOT GIVE UP. Three or two months ago, I got my humalog on a sliding scale back :) and then the amaryl was cut in 1/2 from 4 grams to 2 grams once a day, another :). Numbers have been good, but physically I don't have energy, motivation etc, So once again I asked, and suggested that we keep on the same regime, with the idea that before the year is out, I have Lantus and metformin on line. No arguments, no "buts" a nod and a promise to get the team together and talk about this change and where I was going diabetically. I am thrilled. I took control, I did my homework, I didn't take no for an answer. If you want to be your own captain, you have to act like one. I am sure there will be slumps along the way for the next 6 months, but I will get what I want and know that it's the best thing for me., No one knows your body better than you, No one has a better stake in your health than you, Don't give up, keep asking, educating and being in charge,


If there's one thing I've learned here on tuD it's that we have to educate ourselves and be our own advocate, otherwise we are at the mercy of medical professionals who sometimes don't understand our disease or it's treatment. Being stubborn doesn't hurt either. Congratulations Kate!