Such a pretty sight! :D

I just downloaded my pump data (doing that WAY more often with the Ping than I ever did with the Cozmo) and looked at my past week, and it was such a pretty sight:

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a week that looked like this! Other than one 15.7 (283 mg/dl) I do not go over 11.4 (205 mg/dl) at all! And other than one nasty 2.0 (36 mg/dl) last night, I don’t go under 3.1 (56 mg/dl)! If I could keep this up forever I’d be a happy camper (maybe fewer lows, though). Lately I’ve been having days at a stretch where I don’t go over 11 (200). I just hope I can keep it up … this is only one week and we all know things can change the next week!

Mostly I’ve been being careful about food (not eating low-carb, per se, but more low-er carb and also not eating stuff I don’t know the count of). I have also been sticking to a routine because of the program I’m doing which has me out of the house from 10:00 - 7:00 most days and doing homework the times I’m at home! I’m not exercising at the moment because I truly do not have time, but I hope to get into that soon and that should just help me improve things even more!

I’m hoping to get my A1c results this week, and it’s always good when I’m looking forward to finding out what it is!

That is great!! That is like a “flatline” candidate. I think having a success like this can really be energizing. Just knowing that you can do this can make all the effort worth it.

Jen, congrats! It’s so nice when all the thought and work we put into this pays off. Well done :slight_smile: