Sucking Wind on the Baseball Field

OK - so the day went like BZZZZZ right bye. I get back to the office and find that the little red light is crying out on my phone, so of course see how many messages I have since the 2 hour meeting began.


Not what I wanted to hear, but I make my way though all of these crisis calls. I finally get to one that is a familiar voice, and it's my wife asking if I am going to make it to T-Ball tonight! Oh crap - I completely forgot. Little man brandon is 4 years old and psyched to play baseball. I rush off to the field in my work cloths thinking that I will not have to coach tonight - but lucky me has once again been chosen to run around with the little people in the outfield.

There I am, sweating my kiester off and trying to get 4 year olds to pay somewhat of attention. These little people are just amazing! Its all fun :)) And I am happy that I am alive to share this time!