Sugar-free dairy milk?


Thanks Eucritta, somehow I had forgotten about what they do to lactaid, I have drunk that on occasion because I have lactose intolerance. Ice cream and regular milk were usually the worst for me while yogurt is ok. But at one point I preferred to take the pills instead. I guess it makes sense that the sugar is all still there.


I know this is an ancient thread, but there is a perfect milk: camel milk. It contains natural insulins to help reduce glycemic effect but the only problem is it is very expensive. You have to find a private dealer and they’ll charge you a bunch, good luck


dilute homogenized cream with water or almond milk
whipping cream can be mixed with water or almond milk by using a stick blender

but I’m finding that I have little use for a milk like liquid on LCHF


Fascinating, I didn’t know that about camel milk! I thought digestion always ruined ingested insulin. After a little googling, this place seems to sell camel’s milk at whole food markets:

I will have to try it out! I have come to enjoy nut juice, i.e. almond milk, but camel milk might be a nice change of pace for an occasional milk chug. Our whole foods place also has halo top so it might be time for a trip…


I just can’t seem to visualize anyone milking a camel… :thinking::dromedary_camel::camel:


Well, earlier in my entrepreneurial life I thought to start a new health trend for
African Pygmy Mouse milk. Did you know it cures diabetes?

Anyway, I invested in a herd of 50 dairy mice, built a barn, etc. Business went belly-up in two months because I couldn’t find workers with small enough hands to milk the little buggers:

I was able to easily salvage the barn into a dollhouse for my daughter.



Thanks to Youtube, no need to visualize, but I’ll let you do the search yourself. I will share this insight though, no need to sit on a stool!

EDIT to add that this sent me down the rabbit hole and I found this interesting, though very small, study:

Conclusion: “It may be stated that camel milk is safe and efficacious in improving long-term glycemic control, with a significant reduction in the doses of insulin in type 1 diabetic patients.”


ROTFL! :laughing:


I am a little late to this party…lol. I found CarbMaster milk and chocolate milk at Kroger (Fry’s grocery stores) They also have a CarbMaster yogurt 4-5 carbs per container I eat for lunch every day


I think there is a product called Hood Calorie Countdown low carb milk. It’s used by children who have been put on a very precise high-fat, low-carb diet to prevent intractable epileptic seizures.

Another good option is Fairlife milk.

I don’t know that it’s super low carb, but seems to have shaved off a few grams of carbs from the total glass. They also have a chocolate milk which we use as a low treat that has a little more staying power than a glucose tab. We give our little one a 1/3 cup.


I love milk had to give it up 11g - 12g sugar is sending my blood glucose into outer space you want sugar free milk move to Europe I remember drinking raw milk on a dairy farm fifty years ago its illegal to sell but if your lucky to have access my uncle did not add sugar to his milk ever, our entire food chain is corrupt with sugar the results are everywhere increase in diabetes and obesity clearly the link to processed sugar is the reason.