Sugar Stats reading for last 30 days

Ok, I have been a little inconsistant, but for the most part added my meds and my readings every day. Missed a couple days, but pretty happy with the results:

Let me know what you all think and any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Chris, your numbers look great! Congratulations on your good habits :slight_smile:

One thing that i noticed was many morning readings that were below 70! I didn’t know that lows were common for type 2 diabetics. Actually most people do high in the morning (related to something called the dawn phenomenon). How did you feel when you were low? Did you tell you doctor about these lows?

Yeah, and we have just recently reduced the amount of Glyburide I am taking… I have been exercising and eating really well, so I guess I am on the right track. I have never heard of the “Dawn Phenomenon”!

Apparently you don’t have it (I don’t either)! But many people see a rise in their blood sugar around 4am, and they have trouble controlling their blood sugars in the morning! I guess that it was good to reduce your meds a bit. No reason to be low! Keep up the good work-- I would give anything for numbers like that!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I had been really lazy for a while, and it caught up with me for sure. My last A1C was 7.4, and I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure on April 1st (wish it was a prank!), but since I have buckled down, I seem to be doing better. Sometimes in the morning I am in the low 100’s…103-104. Is that considered bad??

No that’s perfect (in my opinion)! You just shouldn’t be below 70. I think that a fasting blood sugar between 70-120 is ideal.

Great! Thanks, it really encourages me. I hope all is well in Hungary.

wow… nice readings… I envy you… keep it up!

With the carb intake you are eating, you may not need the Glyburide at all. It is not particularly good for your heart (it stimulates receptors on the heart muscle) and may help burn out the beta cells. It is no longer listed as a first line drug in the practice recommendations promoted by the ADA.

Thanks for the info Jenny, I appreciate that. I will talk to my doctor about this. My goal (hopefully) is to get off as much of the medication I am on currently. Your comments are always helpful, so again thanks!