Suggestions for maintaining diet?

I am trying to eat well and trying to eat “carb low” and the truth is I can - when its convenient!

I am out of the house by 530am and back relitively late, if I don’t have my salad and such things prepared, then I find myself with a few minutes to grab something (/anything) before starting the day.

Any advice or tips as to a maintable diet which has minimum prepration times?!?! Or am I dreaming?!? :grimacing:

Do you eat eggs? If so, hard-boiled eggs, already peeled, salted and peppered, and stored in a zip-lock baggie make a convenient and quick breakfast meal. To make this easier, boil a dozen eggs at once, when you have the time.

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I can relate. If I make my salad (& prep snacks) the night before, the day goes well. You can, btw, make salad for 2-3 days & portion out into containers.
I keep certain snacks at work: cheese sticks (in the office fridge) & in my desk drawer, multigrain Wasa crackers, almonds, beef jerky.

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I need to be more prepared like you guys! I have about 3 good days and then one late night and I find myself back in Lazy City on High Blood Highstreet in no time at all.

I sometimes make a basic coleslaw, shredded cabbage and grated carrot, which keeps well in a ziplock bag in the fridge. You can turn this into salad with the addition of apple and walnuts and a little mayo, or use it in stirfry as the basis vegetable mix, add onion, snap peas, capsicum or anything else to taste. This makes for some very quick and easy meals as you have the hard work already done. Coleslaw with added tinned tuna or chicken makes an acceptable lunch to take to work.


I just invested in a new camping cooler- a Yeti. I did so because being a Type1 means I always have to have the right food with me and water. The nice thing about the cooler is once packed it literally keeps food cold for 48 hours! So I can throw in some yogurts and fresh fruit, cheese sticks and left overs and I am good to go.

I have quite literally left my car in the sun all day in the parking lot and came out to find the ice still solid and my food cold.
I also recently had my endocrinologist recommend Larabar health bars, as working the best for maintaining stable BG for several hours. I have found this too be a useful tool, albeit they taste like peanut butter paste to me. I eat them, because they’ve worked for me.

Being a diabetic, means being prepared- it’s a drag, but a necessity. I also do a lot of hard boiled eggs.
When your in trouble- protein works the best in terms of leveling you out. Low sugars need to be treated, followed by protein.
Good luck! With all of the easy to prepared salads and chicken, things are much easier than they used to be!

I find routines are really helpful.I do alot of food prep for the work week on Sunday & Tuesday. Will often turn down a social event to stay on top of my food prep & exercise.

Hi Shea,

My best advice is to never be unprepared…LOL I know, dare to dream. But really, it is key to staying on track. However, some “faster” options to throw together: a protein shake with almond milk, ice and protein powder, grab some yogurt or cottage cheese and toss in frozen berries, low carb power bars, nuts, small cans of tuna. I usually have premade hardboiled eggs and baggies of raw veggies in my fridge for 3 days at a time. If out, Starbucks has little lunch kits that are counted and pretty tasty, most fast food places have salad with grilled chicken and post their nutritional info. online, peperoni sticks at the deli counters of grocery stores. Another thing that helps is making 2x dinner portion the night before for a premade lunch the following day.

If breakfast is your downfall, throw the idea of breakfast food out the window. Last night’s leftovers are right there, nuts, lunch meat (dipped in buffalo sauce), cheese sticks, PB sandwich on low carb bread, don’t limit yourself to bacon and eggs. The other morning I got called into work early, at the last minute. I ate pork roast and green beans for breakfast. Our lives need to be a little wonky to work.