Super Bowl Extravaganza-- When do you indulge yourself?

On the old Cosby show, Bill was allowed to eat anything he wanted on his birthday. I sort of do that for the Super Bowl. Salient points:
--I live in Redskin land, which should tell you immediately how I fell about football.
--I generally do not indulge myself.

SO on today's menu are Buffalo wings (soaked for 24 hours in buttermilk, FRIED like grandma used to,) and cover with a miraculous sauce with Frank's Red hot as the main component. AND caramelized onion dip and real honest-to-goodness Lays potato chips. No fruit, and the only veg is celery sticks and the various onions. LOTS of fat (homemade Blue Cheese dressing, fried food, dip and chip.)

I KNOW I will pay tomorrow, but this is my Cosby day. I may even drink some wine.

What are your indulgences?

I'm making chicken wings and potato chips today too, I don't think they'll bug me too much tomorrow. The 5:30 game time is handy and I haven't eaten too much. Probably vodka though, less calories than wine!! LOL...

Love it!

OK, today... Having some Doritos with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese, microwaved, and a little gluten-free beer.

Wow, you guys are making me drool, lol. I'm not a sports fan so I can' t use the Super Bowl as a reason to feast, but maybe I should? Potato chips and doritos sound wonderful!

That is not an indulgence, Trudy!! :>) All of us PWD need to let loose a bit and enjoy some things!! (periodically, with care, knowledge of treating indulgences--like all the good docs teach us...)

Just ate 5 wonderful wings (see notes above, some chip and homemade caramelized onion dip, and a glass of wine. Two hours later--97!!

Overnight could be another story..

Pass me some homemade guacamole and corn chips please…

I wish I could find a good alternative to corn chips for guacamole. Though honestly, it's quite good on its own.

You can do veggies, corn chips in moderation aren’t as bad for me as potato chips.

I am physically incapable of eating chips in moderation! So I pretty much avoid them . . . :(

Since I am the sports-anti-fan, I am ot indulging myself. But I did make a football pizza (you can see a picture on the Pillsbury recipe website) It's a rectangle pizza, smothered with mozzarella and fresh parsley, and the pepperoni is arranged in the shape of a big football. The laces are made with string cheese. I sent it with my husband to the neighbor's. I do however firmly believe there are no calories, fats and carbs in food eaten on your birthday. Most recent splurge was crab, shrimp,and lobster mac and cheese. If I hadn't been in a restaurant I would have licked my plate. It was yummy.

I had a hard time figuring out the bolus - it was too dark to read my Calorie King book (even using my pump as a flashlight. I decided right then and there to get a smart phone. Now I have to learn how to use it!

I did m indulging on Saturday with a burger and fries with 2 beers. I’ve down this meal a number of times lately, this is the first time it kicked my ■■■. I think its because a specialty burger type place with strange homemade buns that were much more dense than I’d accounted for, plus larger portion of fries. As soon as I saw the plate came out my intuition told me I had unde dosed, so I discreetly poked a couple more units into my stomach right there at the table (something I have a huge inhibition about doing). I was shopping in a town about 80 miles up the road all day, after lunch found myself so tired I couldn’t even think strait. Tested 2 hours after eating, was at 250ish which is higher than I’ve been since days following initial diagnosis… Took hours to come back down and felt like crap. I can’t believe I was functioning normally back then my levels were so much higher than that and I didn’t even know…

Me too, I will just eat the whole bag once I start of half maybe. I recently discovered some low carb crunchy treats at Wholefoods which would go great with Guacamole: Alive and Radiant Veggie Crunches in different flavors and Brad's Raw Crunchy Kale, also in different flavors(this one spiked me I think due to rice in a miso flavor additive maybe). You can make your own Kale chips too by baking them in the oven, cut off the spine. I tried this but mine went soggy the next day. Unfortunately you have to put some desiccant in with them apparently to keep them crunchy.

I actually did great. Used a long time square wave and woke up at 101. See people, we CAN indulge.

I love everyone's spirit! Thanks. You all made me feel great. GO PWD!!

I have had Type 1 for 33 years with no issues with cholesterol so when I indulge its gotta be Bacon its high in fat and doesn't bring up my Blood Sugar (the old joke I'm not fat I'm Big-Boned would cover it)

Ice cream, pizza and alcohol are my biggest indulgences! Although for the super bowl this year, I had some chocolate cake. ;)