Will You Allow Yourself to Cheat for the Superbowl?

It’s the BIGGEST holiday of the year for me. And I plan on allowing myself to cheat…a little. (Although my pump and I might pay for it later).

What will you allow yourself to splurge on for the Superbowl??

I unfortunately cheat/splurge often… so yes :wink:

I don’t cheat, it’s a balance thing. Altbhough going for a long run tomorrow could be cheating?

I don’t think in terms of “cheating” because it’s a self-defeating concept. I also don’t believe in super bowls…or football…or sports in general…:::::ducking the arrows::::::::

Lol Zoe - but could you bring yourself to believe in hunky athletes? That’s half the reason I watch sports anyway. Though the American football body armour makes it kinda hard to admire the physiques…

I cheat every day.

I also don’t call it cheating. Although I watch what I eat most of the time, I do have a treat once in awhile. I am going to a Super Bowl party tomorrow night and made the snack that I am taking – I wanted to clean my kitchen so did not want to mess around with that stuff tomorrow after I cleaned. And yes, I already sampled them – I had to make sure they turned out OK before taking them someplace! What else I snack on tomorrow night will depend on what other people bring.

The snack I made is pretzels with a piece of candy wafer melted over them & an M&M stuck in the middle. My sister asked me why I did not get black & gold M&Ms. I did not know that you can customer order colors you want. She also sent me a link that they were selling both Steeler & Packer M&Ms. Had I known that, I would have ordered some Packer ones. I guess I should add that I live about 2 hours from Pittsburgh so will be the only anti-Steeler person in the room!

I would not call it cheating but diabetes breather days. We need those once in awhile. Thinking it is bad food translates to thinking your a bad person. I eat a few chips and dip along with other appetizers but I watch it closer as I know how many chips will spike me and how high.

I don’t consider it cheating. I will enjoy myself in moderation however,

If I could like this comment, I would.


I could never cheat with pretzels, they do me in.

Me too =)

Since Im in Manila our Super Bowl party was at 7:30 in the morning! Eggs anyone?

It was the M&Ms that did me in!

I put my “Superbolus” shot in the (non)Flatliner’s club too…potstickers, shrimp, a margarita, nachos, some beer. The game left me feeling oddly empty because I loathe GB and the Steelers but I was full! The second lump is the middle of the night after I was ready for bed @ 68 w/ 3.2 U of insulin still on board and attacked some ice cream…oh well…