Supergirl Socks!

So I am new on this forum, and fairly recently diagnosed as LADA. On Tresiba and Metformin. Quite a bit of foot neuropathy. Still learning about everything.

My personal complication is cold, cold shins. I’m still trying to determine if they get cold when I’m low, when I drop, or when I spike or am high.

Recently we installed a hand shower in the bath tub so I can shower my shins with warm water – without filling the tub or taking a full bath. This has been really helpful.

But what I love even more are my Supergirl Socks!

These are my old knee-high socks from the seventies, which I wore in grade school. Orlon or some blend, and deep but bright red. I found them at my mother’s house recently. Like most depression-era survivors, she saves everything!

I thought about Jane Fonda leg warmers, but I remember they always used to fall down to your ankles when wearing them.

But my Supergirl Socks stay up, keep my shins warm, and I don’t have to get wet to gain comfort.

What are your personal complications? What do you do to ease them?

I would love to hear from anybody about what you each go thru.

Although I’m sorry you have need to be here, I want to Welcome! :confetti_ball: you to the Forum!

And your little socks, too! :relaxed:

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Cold, cold shins made Hank Williams come to mind. Welcome to the forum–and forgive me, Hank!

There was a time when I believed that health belonged to me
But now I know my heart is shackled to a memory
The more I learn to care for me, the more my poor head spins
Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and warm your cold, cold shins


Try footless boot socks like the ones in this link. They are stylish and don’t fall down.

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You’re a maniac–maniac!


I really got a kick out of the Hank Williams lyrics! How specific is that! I was unaware of that song until you posted.

I keep hearing “Super Supergirl” by XTC (1985).

These look really good, Tlyall. Thanks for the link!

Glad to hear from you, with such a nice welcome. You’re one of my favorite posters here because of your knowledge and advocacy for your daughter.

Why thank you for the very nice compliments! It’s nice to know that I haven’t stepped on everyone’s toes.

Yet… :smiling_imp: