Supergluing adhesive to pod?

Hey everyone!

I just started with the omnipod and so far it’s wonderful. My only concern is that the adhesive backing peels away from the back of the pod if I accidentally knock it on a door frame etc. I’ve read about lots of people using superglue to glue the adhesive to the back of the pod since the spots that connect the adhesive to the pod are pretty small. I think it’s a great idea but I’m a little confused as to how to do it. Do I glue it prior to taking off the paper backing or will this stick the paper baking to the adhesive and ruin it? Or should I glue it once I’ve taken the paper backing off right before I stick it on my skin? How long does it take to dry? I’m sure that it’s really simple and everyone is laughing at me but it’s all good!

I really like all of the other omnipod tips and tricks I’ve picked up from this site. It’s great to hear from people who have been there. It has made the adjustment much smoother for me.

Thanks everyone!

Glad you are loving your Pod. I have never used superglue. I use skin tac wipes that I buy online. I rub it on the spot where i am going to put the pod (while the Pod is activating). And then I rub it over the body of the Pod and around the Pod’s adhesive. I then put a strip of cloth surgical tape over the pod and on my body. It has worked great. Haven’t had one come off since doing this.
Good Luck!

I am having this very same problem. I have twin 11 month old boys and I get battered around alot. Sometime I have to change the pod 2xs a day because the pod get knocked off the adhesive backing. The adhesive actually stays on me pretty good, but I lose the pod and that is $$!!
Superglue sounds interesting. I’ll be interested to see how to do that.

Yes, the adhesive sticks well to my skin but not so much to the pod. Hmm, some experimentation is in order.

Here’s what we do:

I bought some double faced tape at Walmart (office supply section). I take a brand new empty pod and remove the plastic needle cover. I hold it pod down, adhesive up (keep release paper on). I gently lift up around the adhesive so I can see the pod. The pod is glued in the middle but out towards the edges there are spots with no glue. Place tiny strips of double faced tape on the pod itself. Let the adhesive fall back over the pod and press down to secure the tape. I do this right before we fill the pod with insulin.

It has really been helpful for us…we no longer have the pod pulling away from the adhesive. I think when it starts to pull away it can eventually pull the cannula out and then you get the dreaded occlusion alarm. I didn’t want to mess with super glue, and the double faced tape is thin and easy to work with. Works like a charm for us and only takes a couple minutes.

Some people wear a wrap around their pod, especially if you are wearing it on your arm. Since we started using the double faced tape, I don’t have to use any other type of tape or wrap.

Hey Catherine…I’ve never used superglue but if I rip a pod loose and I did that a lot at first until you start to get use to it being there. Isn’t it amazing how close you walk to door frames without realizing it until you hit them with your pod. Anyway, I use Nexcare tape from 3M, it’s waterproof and sticks like crazy, At least for me it does. I just put a few small strips on the pod down onto my skin. Usually use a strip off each side of the sight window and one of the backend of the pod and it will at least help save a pod or get you through until you change pods. Anyway I got a link below of what I use. Good Luck, Happy Podding ~Schmutz

Nexcare Tape

Ah! That sounds like a good idea! Does the tape last throughout showers and swimming for the full 3 days? Sounds a little less scary than superglue!

Hey Catherine –

Yes, the double faced tape does last 3 days of showers for us. We’ve had really good luck with it for my daughter who is almost 14. She likes this method because it’s completely invisible. We don’t add any other tape around the pod or put anything over it which she really likes.

Great! That sounds like the solution for me. Thank you!

No problem :slight_smile: Hope it works for you too.

Hi Catherine,

I have used super glue on pods and do not recommend it. My sons diabetes nurse recommended it to us (although she had never actually tried using the super glue before), but I ended up wasting two pods. The places on the adhesive where you apply the super glue will lose their stickiness on the opposite side and consequently those areas wont stick to your skin. I might be doing it wrong but after wasting two pods, I’m not up for trying again. We are going to try out the double sided tape.

Good luck!

Thanks Laura. I was curious if the superglue would cause the adhesive to lose its stickyness.