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Ok if anyone has any knowledge of supplements to take, that are safe for type 1 that are into bodybuilding. I just dont want to take something someone says will be fine and end up hurting me i guess! Ive asked my dr but he has no clue, personally i dont think he has ever worked out in his life so im turning to you all, so please if you have anything let me know

The best advice I got on this subject was “Read the label.” I mean the label listing the ingredients, not the one telling you all the wonderful things the supplement does, may due, contributes to, helps with, is an integral part of, blah, blah, blah.

A lot of these supplements are loaded with sugar and carbs. You don’t necessarily have to avoid them, but you need to know what your putting into your body and act accordingly.

Personally, I avoid supplements other than vitamins and calcium because I think they’re worthless. I like food better.

Good luck,

Terry (read the label)

Noone can tell you what supplements will cause you problems because every person is different. I have taken everything under the sun for bodybuilding and the only thing that’s really caused me problems is too strong of stimulants. Anything that makes your adrenaline increase is something to watch out for.

creatine - no problems but too much water bloat for me
ephedrine - spikes blood sugar as does most stimulants (that includes… dl-phenylalanine, l-tyrosine)

You don’t need all those supplements anyway, it’s all marketing hype to get your money… Protein powder helps greatly to get the protein you need. (I’m assuming you don’t have kidney problems) It makes me laugh when I see guys who are skinny as a rail taking hundreds of dollars worth of supplements yet don’t even have the basics down of eating enough protein and calories. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I take now…

Dave Draper’s protein powder
a GOOD vitamin/mineral supplement
2000 IU vit D
1600 IU vit E (natural NOT DL)
gingko biloba
milk thistle extract
siberian ginseng extract

Take it for what it’s worth! I LOVE bodybuilding. :slight_smile:

Multivitamins are good. Creatine like No-xplode and Nano vapor have been good to me, although I’ve never taken more than 2 scoops at a time–it’s 3 carbs per scoop on the No-xplode so I don’t take insulin to cover that since I burn Bg while lifting anyway.

I tend to avoid Post-WO protein supps (to avoid any carb raises with post-WO adrenaline BG raises) and just eat lean protein foods instead. Before bed, I take case-in protein that’s absorbed slowly through the night. I use Syntha-6. With milk, it’s around 25 carbs.

I guess my best advice is go with supps you like/want to try, and adamantly test BG during and after your workout.