Swimmers out there with experience getting infusion sets and especially CGM sensors to stay on?

I'm new to pumping and back to CGMing after a break, and trying to figure out the best way to keep everything attached during lap swimming. The infusion set is less of an issue, since it gets replaced every three days, but the CGM sensor has to stay put for a week, really two if I restart it, and after just two swims I notice it's already starting to peel meaningfully.

Whatever I use has to have a lot of flex, because there's way too much abdomen movement for most bandages and tapes to stay attached in the water. Maybe a bigger piece of the stuff out of which they make the fabric surrounds for infusion sets and sensors (what is that stuff called?). Or maybe a robust adhesive that holds up in the water? Or maybe even some sort of wrap around the midriff (though that might get annoying)?

Appreciate ideas. I have browsed around what info I could find elsewhere and on this site, so I hope my posting this question, which others have presumably posted as well, doesn't seem lazy!

I play water polo, and I wear my omnipod under my racing suit and it stays on. I assume the tightness keeps it in place. I can't speak to the CGM, since I had so many issues with it that the adhesive was the least of my problems.

I believe the OmniPod uses a more robust adhesive, and the suit pressing on it should help, too. I'm a guy, so absent getting one of those full-body racing suits (which would get me some seriously funny looks, especially since I'm a middling swimmer), I don't have the option of having my suit cover my midriff sites. I use a t:slim pump, but the issue really is the CGM sensors, not the infusion sets.