Swimming and Pumping

Hi, I would like some advice from pump users. I have only been using a pump since February, I use the tandem tslim. I am an avid beach goer and often laying in my pool during these summer months. I stop insulin when I am in the pool (obviously) and leave my pump inside, however, it constantly is beeping after about 20ish minutes of insulin deliveries being stopped. This noise can get annoying and it is loud, is there anyway to go about avoiding this? I do a lot of respite care during the summer for a family with a special needs daughter and one thing we do a lot is swim, I would hate for my pump to be beeping the entire time we are in the pool, which is at least an hour or 2.

Two suggestions, instead of suspending your pump you could set a very low temp basal rate and just let it pump. Or you can shut it off completely. You must be connected to a power supply to shut down a Tslim, there are instruction in the manual. Its a scary thought and something I have only ever done once.

If you are running Basal IQ or Control IQ I’m not sure what effect either of these actions might have.

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I have the same issue with the pool and I am new with the tslim as well! I practically live in my pool over the summer. Personally I have just been taking it off and leaving it off in a safe place on a table or chair where I know it won’t get wet while I am in the pool swimming. If im sitting out in a chair or something where I know I won’t get wet I put It back on for a little while. I dont think i’ve ever turned the suspend on I just detach it. I don’t know what your basal rates are but mine around only around a unit an hour so I figure I don’t loose very much insulin by not turning suspend on.

You can set a 0% temp basal rate for the time you are swimming etc.