Swimming with the Libre Sensor

I had a sensor fall off after bathing in the sea. I’m not getting a replacement. Here is the response from customer service:

Sensors can be worn while bathing, showering or swimming. Don’t take sensors deeper than 3 feet or longer than 30 mins. Please note the sensor has Not been tested in seawater .

Be advised!

I used to wear my Libre snorkeling in the ocean for about an hour at a time. I didn’t have any issues with it, but I never had issues with the adhesive on the Libre other than when I knocked it off against something.

My Dexcom however likes to loosen up when soaked so I wrap an ace bandage around it when swimming in the ocean ( I wear it on my arm same as I did with my Libre.) The ace bandage helps keep sand away from it and helps keep it attached. Neither are approved for ocean wear. I have noticed as soon as it dries it is back to adhering fine. But I also use Skin Tac when I apply my Dexcom.

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I use a sticky adhesive and some tape I buy from amazon - and I am a water baby. You still may have to replace the outer tape, because it can lose its stickiness, but the sensor usually does not fall off. I read this on a UK forum from someone who went scuba diving with the libre and had no issues with it - these products are essential for me.

Skin-TacTM Adhesive Barrier Wipes 50 count

Smith & Nephew 5466000040 Opsite Flexifix 2 Inch x 11 Yards Transparent Film Dressing

Search for these products on amazon as it won’t let me include the links.

The transparent film dressing lasts forever. I’ve only purchased it once and I still have plenty left after a year or more. Wipe with alcohol, wipe area with the skin-tac, apply libre sensor and then cover with tape (I usually do 2 pieces)… I just went surfing this past week and had to replace the tape because it began to come off, but I just use another skin-tac wipe and put more tape over the area (after peeling the old one off very carefully - help from someone is always nice). Good luck!


Thank you so much for that information. There are so many different products out there and I wouldn’t know where to start!

Is the Opsite Flexifix similar to the 3M Tegaderm film? This seems more readily available here in Canada.