Switching from Humalog to Novolog. .. what can I expect?

My insurance company won’t cover Humalog so I’m switching to Novolog. For those of you who have made this switch… what can I expect? Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

I was an early adopter of Humalog--I started it within days of it hitting the market. Then I had to switch to Novolog. I saw absolutely no difference (others experience a difference, I just didn't). Then recently I had to switch back to Humalog again--no difference.

I vastly prefer novolog. Humalog gave me headaches and overall it felt different with control than I do with Novolog. I feel it works at a better pace and I've had great blood sugar since switching from humalog to Novolog.

^^^ thats what im hoping for

Me too. Absolutely NO DIFFERENCE! Hope it's the same for you.

Another vote for no difference.

i've used both, no difference for me either.