Switching to Levemir - Your Experiences With Dosage & Weight?

If you switched from Lantus to Levemir - did you have to up the dose? If so, by how much? I found the Levemir not as strong as the Lantus - which is probably why it’s more stable - but I was struggling to get the same control I had with Lantus. With the Lantus, I barely had to take any meal time insulin (Novolog). With Levemir, I had to take much more Novolog and couldn’t get a handle on it. Bottom line, I got scared and went back to Lantus for two weeks.

Now I’m switching back to Levemir - why? Two things -
FIRST, my doc told me to take the same dose as the Lantus - I have since learned that many people have to take more Levemir than they did Lantus. So I’m going to try that because I don’t seem to get the horrible and unpredictable lows with Levemir.
SECOND, when I first switched to Levemir, I lost 5 lbs in one week (no change in diet or exercise). When I went back to Lantus, I gained the 5 back.

So - what’s your experience with both the dosage issue and the weight thing?

When I was on Lantus, I gained a whooping 50 lbs ! ! ! Yep!! 50! ! ! My physician had to keep uping the dose for it to work for me. Then when I told her I could not keeping gaining this weight, she put me on byetta. After losing 50 lbs, the weight loss came to a complete standstill on the Byetta. So she took me off the Byetta. She told me that just by looking at my A1c, it was not doing my blood sugars any good. Soooo…she put me on Levimer and told me I would not gain weight with it. Sure enough, I have NOTgained any of the weight back. I DO take Novolog before my meals, but that is on a sliding scale (which depends on what may readings are before each meal…usually it’s no more than 5 units). I’m very happy with the Levemir.

Thanks, Clee - that’s helpful to know that it was not all in my head!!

I’m curious - what’s your dose of the Levemir. We’re on the same page with the Novolog. I usually need 1 to 3 U, depending.

The Lantus did absolutely NOTHING! for me but put on the weight. It did not lower my blood glucose levels. I take 45 units of Levemir in the morning and 50 units at night. I know that sems like a lot, but my endocrinologist felt that my evening levels were not quite covered so she put me on 50 units. I work out no less than 5 days a week. I go early in the mornings (6:00 a.m.). I like the results of the exercise because I have more energy to start my day. I work from home and I sit all day at a computer so it helps.

As far as the Novolog, I don’t think I’ve gone beyond 5 units…if I did, it was under unusual circumstances…such as eating out and the type of food being offered.

Good for you if levemir looses weight stick with it. In my case levemir lantus no difference in anything. Lantus cheaper at my massive daily dosage.

I didn’t gain weight on Lantus, but I was only on it for about six months & take small doses (5 in the morning, 5 before bed). Haven’t lost weight since changing to Levemir.

My doses of Lantus & Levemir are the same, but the Levemir was more level for me. Interesting that you need more Novolog with Levemir. Once again, there are no set rules for anything. Frustrating!