Switching to the Tslim x2 worth it?

Currently using an omnipod dash and a G5 but supposed to be changing to the G6 in 2 months so wondering if its worth switching to the Tslim over the omnipod? I know the omnipod has some advantages for people in very active sports but I don’t do any of those so wonder if its worth switching.
My A1C was 6.4 last month but wondering if I could get it lower if I was on the Tslim.

You could also do Loop with the Omnipod.

If you have lows during the night or day that you do not recognize the X2 with the new software and the G6 would be a good choice. I try to keep my A1C at 6.0 to 5.6.

@Kyn72 fwiw, Omnipods roadmap includes the G6 in the near future as part of the official Omnipod loop program. While I happen to absolutely love my TSlim x2, if you are happy with the 'pod then you should consider staying. Both companies have exciting updates\products due to.come out in the next 6 to 24 months.

Switched from pods to TSlim2, dispite tubed pump, because I wanted the low blood sugar protection especially at night. I no longer feel my low BGs until they are way low. I was shocked how many times I was going low - can see it on the face of the pump now. Good news is that Tandem has announced it is going full closed loop by end of 2019. It is a mere software download when it happens - no need for me/my insurance to by a new pump. I do miss the tubelessness of the pods :wink: Tandem is planning a tubeless pump to launch pretty soon - I think it is called the Sport. I suspect that will be shortly after the closed loop - so we all want a new pump :wink: Good luck, whatever you choose. Great HgA1c!

Not unless they have found a way to hack the dash.

Oh I was happy with the old pods but I am having problems with the newer dash ones such as insulin leaking under the pod from around the cannula plus 2 complete pod failures in under a week.

More details on tandem X2 and Sport.

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The topic here is whether or not it’s worth if to switch to a t:slim. My experience today has caused me to question the same thing.

After a really quick turnaround of the process to get a new pump - 2 weeks from start to receiving the pump - I got it today. As I was unpacking the t:slum, I saw a label on the box that said “refurbished”. That’s not what I expect to receive when I get a new pump. I expect to get something new, not used.

Have we gotten to a point where those of us insured by Medicare are just viewed by the provider and the insurer as being second-class patients who will take anything we’re offered, regardless of quality? I seem to remember paying for Medicare while I worked ever since it was created.

I’ve advised both Tandem and the distributor who proved the used pump that I consider this as unacceptable and asked them to correct the situation. I have also contacted Medtronic to discuss My returning the t:slim and using a MM pump instead. To say I’m perturbed is an understatement.

Can anyone tell me if it is standRd practice to send refurb equipment to Medicare recipients instead if new stuff? Am I blowing things up out of proportion and should just take whatever they want to send me? Or should I file a complaint with Medicare?

Thanks for letting me vent. I’d really like some advice.

I wonder if you were sent a refurbished pump because of Medicare rules? They would also most likely send you a G5 pump since unless i am wrong (and it won’t be the 1st time) medicare isn’t authorizing G6 supplies until December earliest (something to do.with quantity of test strips)

Standard practice for medicare is refurbished pumps. I think @Dave44 confirmed that a while back.

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Well they sent one that was updated to G6 as to if new or a refurb that they updated how would I be able to tell?

Don’t be concerned if you have a refurb. They function and appear just like a new pump.

I’m not concerned at all I’m just curious over how you can tell the difference.

Heck if I know. I’ve been getting pumps both new and refurbs since 1996. I’ve not been able to tell any difference. Just what do u think might distinguish them from one another?

Oh I was just wondering if they include like a paper stating it was a refurbished unit or a label on the packaging.
All I know with my packaging is that it says for Medicare patients only and has purple sticker on the outside.

Medicare packaging is a separate issue. I was speaking to the entire issue of refurb pumps. I’ve gotten quite a few as replacements for defective pumps–nothing to do with Medicare or insurance–and they look like a new pump, function like a new pump, and continue to be covered by the warranty of the pump that they replace.

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The refurb pumps have serial numbers that start with 99… I have one. Works better than the original

Ahhh, that’s interesting to know.
I just checked mine and it starts with the #60.

I have a supposed refurb 670G. It starts with “NG”. You guys are talking about Medtronic pumps, are you not?