Tandem and dexcom?

Me and my dr are talking about a tandem pump and dexcom g6 and I was wondering if anyone could tell me their experiences with those. I have proliferative retinopathy and I’m wondering if it will make it worse, my a1c is a 7.5

I use a Tandem pump, x2, and a Dexcom 5 CGM. My A1C has dropped to the lowest yet, or ever (5.8). So much easier to see the effect of food and how good my basal settings are. Worth a try!

I also use a Tandem pump since 2015 and a Dexcom G5 since 2007. My A1C currently is 6.1%. The touch screen is easier to read and use than my former pump which was a Medtronic Revel.

Right now, I’m using the Tandem T:Slim G4 and the Dexcom G4. I will be upgrading to the new Tandem pump and the Dexcom G6 next year when my pumps warranty is up.

My A1C was in the 7’s before I switched to the pump and the CGM. Once I switched, it began dropping. It hasn’t been above 5.5 in over 2 years.

Myself, I really the ease of using the pump over the vial and syringe. I’m really looking forward to getting the new pump and CGM next year.

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I am thinking about switching to the Tandem. I currently use the Dexcom G5 and it helps a lot with my blood sugar. This CGM is very accurate for me and sometimes when I check my blood sugar I am within 2 points from my actual bs.

Does anyone know if the cost of the Tslim pump is close to the Medtronic pumps? Currently I am using a Medtronic pump and thinking about switching to TSlim next year. I have used a Dexcom CGM for longer than my pump and definitely want to stick with it.

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Do you intend to bypass your insurance and pay cash out of pocket? Would you also be bypassing your insurance for pump supplies and paying cash for those as well?

Do you have a pump now and if so, when does the warranty expire?

I have a warranty until next May. I plan to go through my BCBS insurance for all of it. I have a $1000 deductible. My insulin pump and supplies apply to that deductible. My Dexcom and sensors do not though. I just haven’t bought a pump in a while the pump I have now was an upgrade through Medtronic for $500. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price. I probably would have been mad because The CGM low suspend feature was not really utilized like I hoped. I gave up on it after a few months and decided to keep with my Dexcom. Medtronic offered me another upgrade to the 670G for $3500. I think they might be crazy. I guess they were saying to bypass insurance for that amount. With my insurance I have to meet the deductible before they cover pump supplies. So that would cost extra too since I haven’t met it.

Don’t know about a credit returning your old pump when you get a new one. But when I went from Medtronic to Tandem 4 years ago, it was at the end of the year so there was no deductible issue (how many of us have deductible issues?!). I just had to turn in my pump, I got $400 credit. And remember your policy will be different but at the end, I paid $20 for my pump. Now I know the insurance company paid a huge amount for it but I figure, in the 27 years pumping this was only my 4th pump. I’m not costing them that much, right🤔

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That’s great. I doubt my insurance company would pay for most of it though. I think when I initially bought a pump through my insurance I had to pay several thousand for it even with coverage.

Do you know the total cost of the Tandem insulin pump?

Cash price with no insurance for the X2 is (I think) $5,000 [USA].

I don’t know cash price but shockingly my insurance paid $11,000! I would just call & ask & also see if the have any programs available.
I just meet another person who just got the new predictive IQ. He is all smiles! He loves it! And so very easy, not all the hoops some have to jump through to get the auto to work on the 670.

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$11k does not make sense for the Tandem t:slim X2 pump. That is way out of the ballpark. (Although I do not have trouble believing that is what your insurance company told you they paid. I believe you - I just don’t believe what they told you is actually what was paid “net”.)

One would assume there are significant rebates (or similar) going on such that the pricing quoted is not a real net cost that anyone pays.

I think I found a reps name on a brochure from my doctor. They might be able to help me narrow it down. Thanks.

Yes, you are correct it was my explanation of benefits. I do find it hard to believe the numbers are not correct. I just put it on the nightmare insurance system we have and how everything that is charged to the insurance companies through a large comapnay benefit package is inflated. All I can say was $20, I was all in! And after all those great years with MiniMed/Medtronic, it was nice to try something else. And I am now I big fan of Tandem. Although, my time with Medtronic was very good, they just were not doing much on making changes over the years. My 3 pumps were pretty much the same thing, just a different name.