Switching to TSlim from Medtronics, maybe

I’m currently using medtronic pump and Dexcom CGM. WIll be upgrading to G6 Dexcom and thinking of switching to T Slim pump for compatibility and only one device, pump, instead of pump and receiver for CGM. My concern is with ease of use. After 4 years of Medtronic pump I can almost refill in my sleep. T Slim looks more complicated, more steps, and more pieces to accomplish the same thing. One additional complication I have is that I’m on U200 and that only comes in a pen, not a vial. Is anyone else using U200 with T Slim?

I made the switch just over 3 years ago after almost 25 years with Medtronic. Yes, the loading is a little more time consuming but now I don’t even think about it. And the X2 is great because you can download any new program they launch. Don’t need to buy a new pump! Pretty cool. The history screen has been great for me and all the clinical trials I do as information is very easy to access. I would check out their website and take a spin. I think they still have a program where you can play with it. As to the insulin strengths, I don’t know but i’m sure someone here will know or just ask the people at Tandem. Good luck with you decision!

@zander I can’t speak regarding the Medtronic products, but the Tandem takes me ~ 2ish min to change out. I have heard anecdotaly of people using u200 and u500, but have yet to meet one. I am fairly confident that Tandem like most pump mfrs are only certified at FDA level with u100.

I could be wrong though… Won’t be the first or last time. Ain’t learning fun?!?

Due to Animas going ‘belly-up’ I now have the Tslim. But I did have a loaner Medronic for a few weeks and it drove me nuts. I could almost operate my Animas by 'braillle. The Tslim is really good, some really like the touch screen. I don’t so much because, for instance, if driving on the freeway and a high alarm went off, with the Animas I could just reach for it an push a button. With the touch screen, you need to actually look at it to see where to tap three times to open, and then … But if you take 200 units a day, you will need to keep filling the 300 unit cartridge. I can go six days with 200 units, so not a problem for me.

Also, you can download a sample Tslim to your Iphone and play with it.

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