Symptoms of squirrel brain

My brain feels off and has for a while. Not sure if this is a diabetes thing, or an epilepsy thing, or if this happens to everyone.

Basically, I have the brain of an animal - I call it squirrel brain. I walk around and look at trees and things, but I dont really think thoughts, like a human does. Having a lot of trouble reading. I was without sensors for a while and so was hoping it was related to low BG (which it must have been a bit), but I kept checking my numbers all day today and they were really good. I kept feeling really weak and like I couldn’t think straight, like I had low BG. But, when I checked it, it was 110 and flat line. But, I was having trouble counting. I should know how to count. I have been overcoming it by counting out loud. That helps me keep my place and not forget the numbers.

I am secretly afraid that I might have had a minor stroke, or I’m giving myself brain damage from over night lows. I’ve had long boughts of squirrel brain after seizures, but I haven’t, to my knowledge, had any seizures lately - and I would think that I would know because I have partial seizures most frequently and remember having them.

Feeling unusually disabled and frustrated and exhausted…

First thing I would do (have done) for any of my kids is schedule an appt with an Opthalmologist.

And if negative than a Neurologist.

(I am a fan of skipping the Family Doc and going right to the specialists.)

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The weather has been really wonky lately. Could that be affecting you? Winter tends to be hard on the body as well as the soul, especially during weeks with large ups and downs in sunshine, temperatures, etc. Just stay as positive as possible. Mind over matter goes a long way!!!

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Can it work to do matter over mind? Could I just hit myself in the head with a stick until this goes away? Can I hit the neurologist with a stick? ahhhh…I hate the neurologist.

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I understand. When I was oh so depressed I hated the psychologist and the dr.
The tablets took my brain away from me and locked it away out of reach. I found doing things helped, for me it was cooking for you it will probably be something else. I have not been able to paint since this episode. I wish I could find a way back to creativity.
I hope you find your way back soon.

I don’t have symptoms as severe as you, but I get foggy or “brain blocked” after particularly bad migraines. I think it’s a mixture of the migraines themselves and rizatriptan I take during an episode. I usually garden or, during bad weather, work with my indoor plants to disconnect from life for a brief moment. I dabble with hybridizing different types of edible plants that I keep indoors to see what happens, and keep “pure” heirloom plants outdoors. So it’s pretty fun and interesting.
It usually helps clear my mind and reboot my brain. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. I can’t fully relate because I’ve not had the extent or same nature of challenges you face. I have found, however, when I’m faced with poor health symptoms, I try to get back to basic good health practices. This means focusing on good nutrition, good sleep, exercise every day and more recently, I’ve added daily meditation to the mix.

I’ve recently started to explore the concept of heart rate variability and how using biofeedback can enhance health. I found this 2014 video fascinating. Not sure if this might help you but could be something to consider.

Your situation sounds tough. I wish you well.

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I am not a type 1 , wonder if you take statins? Nancy50

These symptoms do not sound familiar to me, and I have been a type 1 for 60 yrs. You deal with so much more than diabetes though.

When reading your post the first thing I thought of was a small stroke, but I also thought of lack of sleep or a change in medication. I hope that you will consider seeing a doctor.

Your problem could even be a result of anxiety. Impossible for anyone here to diagnose you from afar. good luck–it may get better. If I have lots of lows, I can have short-term memory loss for weeks and months and then it clears up.

I’ve recently had two hemiplagic migraines. Not going to lie, the first one scared the crap out of me and I thought I was having a TIA/stroke. It was sort of like being in a fog, I was aware of everything going on around me but it seemed far away and fuzzy if that makes any sense. The left side of my face and left arm were numb and tingly for about an hour afterward.

Follow Tim’s advice and get your eyes checked and see a neurologist. Get plenty of rest and hydration and keep your blood sugars in check.

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As a couple of references were made to possible stroke, thought I’d mention - my father had an eye examination and the opto asked him when he had a stroke. This was the 1st time a stroke was ever mentioned to him. So if u have an eye exam, might want to ask if a stroke shows up.

I second getting an eye exam but something similar happened to me when I was 18. I had had I severe seizure from low BG and for weeks afterward I would stumble on flat ground and try to pick something up but miss it. It did go away eventually on it’s own though. You might have developed a vitamin deficiency, many drugs will interfere with your body’s ability to process nutrients.

You guys are right. I’m due for an eye exam. That’s way simpler and less expensive than seeing a neuro. I will schedule with optomology. That wouldn’t have occurred to me. But, yesterday, while driving in the early morning, I absolutely couldn’t read the traffic signs. They were all blurry. I ended up going a longer way that I knew from memory.

Every year, either spring or fall or both, I go through symptoms where I have a hard time sleeping at night, feel tired during the day, am easily frustrated, I feel confused, sometimes I can “see” printed information and while I can read the words I don’t really know what it all means.

Yes every time I feel like this I go check my blood sugar. And it’s usually normal and just fine.

My spring and fall symptoms are mostly the result of allergies. But I understand COMPLETELY why any T1 feeling these symptoms associates them with hypos.

Now I’m not saying your symptoms are the result of allergies. I’m just saying, that as a T1 I completely understand why you are worried about your bg’s when you feel like this.

Also - emotionally stressful situations for me, where a little adrenaline might start flowing, also feel just like hypos even though they aren’t. Again, I’m frustrated, feel shaky, confused, have a hard time expressing myself - all a lot of overlap with hypo symptoms.

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@Pastelpainter, what do you mean?

I know that often painters complain that they can’t paint. Sometimes people go through bad spells where they just aren’t motivated to paint, or they don’t paint well. I know that’s super common, and I am in a disinterested stage with painting where I prefer to look at other people’s work. I am tired of and bored with my own work. This has lasted at least 1 year…maybe 2.

But, I also know that sometimes medication (especially the brain meds) have serious implications for ones ability to do things - like, specific epilepsy meds sometimes make it impossible for some people to do arithmetic and stuff.

Which of these happened to you? Or, was it some combination of the two.

I wonder, have you ever read my favorite book, “Art and Fear”? I got the audio version on a long car trip because another painter recommended it. There’s a paper version, too. The author is very, very funny. I laughed so hard I cried. You might like. I like it because he kinda teases painters and their process. I recognized the habits and thought process of so many painters I know in his descriptions. Overall, it funny because he pokes fun at something that most of us take SO seriously. It was quite fun. I wish everyone would read this book, not just painters. You can listen to a sample here:

I would specifically go with an ophthalmologist instead of an optometrist.

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OK, Tim. I guess I’ll have to google the difference.