T Slim Users

Hey everyone...I am considering replacing my Ping with the Tslim but can't decide whether to make the switch, especially because my Ping has been great. But it's time to get a new pump and it's hard to go with the same thing when you only get a chance every 4 years minimum to change!

Just want to get all of your opinions of the Tslim for those of you who have had some experience with it!

Thank you!

I trialed the T-slim this week, as I am also available to upgrade my current pump ( I use MiniMed) There were a lot of great things about the T-slim: The size, ease of use- I loved having pretty much evertything I wanted to see on one screen, and the IOB feature was awesome! I also loved the battery life, and the fact that you plug it in for 5-10 minutes and your battery is full :)
The drawbacks for me:

the bolus history is confusing ( It shows the same bolus multiple times, and it only gives you a history of boluses that day)

You fill a black cartridge of insulin, and you can't see how much insulin is in there, or if there are bubbles.

It takes forever to change your pump site, because of all of the steps you have to go through to load the cartridge

It does not show you the insulin being delivered, it just beeps or vibrates once delivery is done

I had to increase my basal rates by 15%

And finally: the luerlock that connects the tubing to the cartridge.. this twisted off without me noticing 3 times in two days! I haven't heard of it happening with anyone else, but it was a dealbreaker for me. In the end, I decided to snick with Medtronic :)

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My son has been on the T Slim since July 2013. This was his first time pumping. We had the opportunity to use some of the different pumps during our training class but the T Slim really stuck out with us. He is 14 so the advanced technology was a big eye catcher. We also enjoy the user friendly format. If he were to need help, a less tech savvy person could assist him. It does not have the built in food bank that is available with others but we have the Calorie King app on our smart phones so we aren't exactly missing out. He usually plugs up to recharge while he is on the computer and it charges pretty quickly. It would be nice if it connected wirelessly to our meter but it wasn't a deal breaker in our decision. We really struggled when it was time to choose - there are so many and they all have their perks! We have nothing else to compare it to but we are pleased with our decision. Hope this helps :) Good luck!