T Slim X2 insulin pump

Have you guys used the TSlim insulin pump before ? Why’s your
Experience ?
TSlim X Dexcom ??

I use the TSlim X2 and love it!

I switched from Medtronic 530 to Tslim X2 about 6 weeks ago. It is awesome. Touch screen is fast and easy to use. I was already a Dexcom G5 user and that integrates well. The X2 replaces you pocket receiver and iPhone + Apple Watch continue to work as before. I carry the X2 in my pocket. It is thinner than the 530 plus it has nicely rounded edges.

Filling cartridge is easy once you get used to the different routine. I skip a step from Tandem instructions. I fill syringe, then insert needle into cartridge. Then holding with needle side down, I pull up on plunger to suck air out of cartridge. Bubble goes to top of syringe near the plunger. Then I push insulin into the cartridge. I stop near the end of strike, just before air bubble would be entering the cartridge,

Infusion port is smaller than Medtronic’s. I like that the infusion set is integrated with insertion device. Also, with Medtronic you have to insert set, the disconnect to prime, then reconnect before cannula fill. With X2 you fill tubing before insertion. Then insert and fill cannula.

As for charging, I charge it while it is disconnected during shower or in bed when reading before lights out. Only takes about 7-8 mins to top it off if done daily.

Configuration for basal and carb ratios is much better on X2. Everything is done in one menu area with 4 columns per time selection: basal, correction ratio, carb ratio, Target BG. There will a row with all 4 items for each clock time you set, say midnight, 4am, 8am, 10 pm.

Another good thing that X2 does that Medtronic messes up on is a bolus when BG is low. Let’s say my target is 90. If my BG is 75 and I do a food bolus, Medtronic will give the full bolus. X2 is better because it will subtract the correction from the bolus. On Medtronic I had to look and then subtract from the planned delivery amount.

On X2 temp nasals can be set to any number of hours and minutes. Not limited to 30 minutes increments like Medtronic. Also, medtronic 530 max temp basal is 24 hours. On X2 you can go much longer than that. I recently had the flu and was ran temp basal for something like 3 days at 120% without having to remember to rest it every day.

To unlock the p7mp, the press 1 2 3 is no big deal. You get used to it quickly.

Ok, the main thing I don’t like is that IOB (insulin on board) and contention is shown in a red font that is very hard to read. I think X2 needs to get rid of fancy shading on screen and use high contrast fonts. Also, I wish the infusion set connector was molded into the catridge, mostly from an aesthetics perspective. Doesn’t really cause any issues for me. Top of cartridge has vet liittle real estate, so this probably won’t get changed.

It is true from other posters that p7mp needs to stay on the same side as the G5 sensor or it will temporarily lose connection. I wear G5 on the back of my upper area. When infusion site is on opposite side, I just route tube along the top, front of my underwear and am able to slip pump into front pants pocket on same side as G5.

Pump is quite durable. I did have one drop from adult height bathroom counter onto tile floor with no damage. Maybe I was lucky. I don’t use the case since it is in my pocket most of the time.

Also, I have had the occlusion/ no deliver message twice. I think they were both during the same infusion set. Nothing that has me concerned.

I had briefly considered the 670G but it is not going to fix bad habits like improper carb counting or frequent snacking. If you are doing a lot of food bonuses throughout the day, I don’t see how it will know what to do.

Net … love my X2!


Excellent review above. I’m in love with my X2, too. After thirty years with type one and no insurance coverage, this is my first pump. I did so much research before choosing this one, it’s ridiculous.

I really try not to focus on the superficial, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the touchscreen, aesthetics, and small size were big influencers in my decision. At a whopping five feet tall, I don’t have a lot of real estate for electronics. This guy is seriously about the size of a credit card and tucks away easily. It just looks good, too. It’s pretty sexy in comparison to other pumps, in my opinion. I don’t mind letting it be seen because it doesn’t look like a medical device.

Yes, the omnipod is smaller, but there’s still too many bad reviews about losing a whole pod to bad sites/pods for my taste. Also, they couldn’t manage to ship their trial pack directly to my rural home for some reason. I had to drive an hour and a half to pick it up from a fedex facility, even though FedEx comes to our house all the time with Amazon orders. I’m not about to do that every month for supplies! That trial pod lasted less than eight hours before getting knocked off on the frame of a sliding glass door that I slip out of partially opened all the time (because the old door sticks). If it couldn’t take even that bump, it wasn’t for this accident prone girl. I didn’t even get into researching their algorithms.

Speaking of algorithm’s… I was really impressed with Tandem on this front! Tandem has been working with Type Zero and used real user data from diy closed loopers to develop their algorithms. Medtronic was in such a hurry to be the first with nearly closed loop, that they didn’t take the time to do it right. They have oversimplified algorithms, thus faster/simpler FDA approval, but greater user dissatisfaction. Not to mention that Medtronic was irresponsible enough to put those glitchy 670s out (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m remembering the wrong model) that emptied their entire reservoir into several patients around the time I was doing my research, and that scared the ever living s%#t out of me!

We’re a homesteading/permaculture family, so the rechargeable battery is a big plus for me, too. We drive electric cars, have solar roofing panels, and just installed hydro ram pumps on the dam, why should I expect anything less than that for my life sustaining device? It really is no trouble at all. It charges very quickly, and you don’t even have to disconnect to do so. I charge about once per week, but I’ve never been less than 45% when doing so. It takes maybe like a half hour at that point.

I have seen complaints from others about the fill process, but since this is my first pump, I haven’t experienced that same annoyance. I think the biggest thing is just that it’s a different way of doing it than with other pumps, and people don’t always take well to change. That disposable cartridge is a big factor in keeping the X2 so small, though.

I haven’t had the pleasure of dexcom integration yet. Just can’t afford it. I did do the virtual pump upgrade for it, though, just to try that out. I’m just so thrilled the X2 can be upgraded by plugging it into the computer! Technology changes so fast these days, who wants to wait four years for the next step?

Personally, I’m a big fan of supporting the little guys, too. There’s the big dog corporations who have a reputation just for being big and having extensive sales reps to push the products, but usually have the primary interest of padding their own pockets and becoming even bigger dogs… and little to do with their customers needs and/or satisfaction. Then there’s the little runty dogs… They usually don’t like what the big dogs are offering and how they are doing business, and start with the mission of doing better for their prospective customer base and providing a better product. That’s not easy, and I’m all for supporting that mission any way I can! Every step of the way was has been an absolute pleasure working with Tandem. They were so fast that I had my new t::slim x2 in hand before Medtronic had even gotten back to me about my last round of questions Everytime I’ve called the customer help line, I’ve gotten a great-spirited person who was very knowledgeable and sincere in wanting to provide the best experience. When I asked for more detailed information than the average user, I was actually contacted by one of the directors of the design team. That alone is worth mad respect to me!

I do have a few complaints, though. One, you have to be running Windows or Mac for the computer functions, like updates and uploading data. . We’re Linux users (because it’s safer and you have more control, and my boyfriend is a super computer geek), which isn’t supported by Tandem. I have to run a copy of Windows inside a virtual machine to connect to any Tandem computer program. Two, the cartridge eats about 20 units of insulin that the pump doesn’t register. I go back and suck that out with the syringe to use in my next cartridge fill, though. And finally, the orientation of the inserter for the autosoft/t:90 infusion sets annoys me to no end. There are dimples that you squeeze to trigger the insertion, but they are stupidly rotated 90 degrees from the squeeze points directly on the infusion set for disconnection. My arms don’t rotate that way, and it requires some creative yoga. I have no idea why I don’t see this complaint more often. Maybe all self-inserting intrusion sets are this retarded?


I LOVE my tslim x2 so much. I have it integrated with my Dexcom.

I used Animas pumps for years before this. I have tried Medtronic in the past and absolutely HATED it.

The best part about the tslim is that it’s very user-friendly and that updates can be made really easily. When they develop new software you don’t have to get a new pump, you just download the new software and update your existing pump.

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Cool you are off grid and growing your food organically! I do that too. We’ve lived off grid (Mini-hydro and solar) till a couple years ago when I designed and had built a very simple house we can retire into and care for ourselves even in disability. It’s on grid, though, which I was ready for finally. I’m 65, T1 for 50 of those years, and showing the wear and tear of multiple AI diseases at this point. I too am getting the T-Slim X2. Next week in fact, and for all the reasons you cite here. Glad you are loving it!

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