T-slim x2 vs medtronic 670 G? Omnipod?

Thoughts on T-slim X2 vs the medtronic 670G? My warranty expires in December so I want to hear/read feedback on people’s personal experiences! I currently love my Dexcom’s G5 so it’s hard to want to try the guardian 3 GCM that goes with the medtronic 670 system. But I currently use s 530G medtronic insulin pump :neutral_face: such a hard choice. Any Omnipod users? Any thoughts?


I believe Tandem is still has an offer available:

If you qualify, this would give you a chance to actually try out a Tandem and if you don’t like it, you can return it.

Anytime you can “try before you buy” with no risk - is a good deal IMHO.