Take a look at this app: Fooducate

A friend of mine told me about this app, Fooducate, I loved it and wanted to share his finding.
What I like is that this is not a typical "recipe app": it allows you either to scan any product's barcode or to search it by its name and find out how good (or bad) it is for you, according to its nutritional values, amounts of sugar, fat, levels of processing, etc. Also you can browse between different food categories from the app's database and get rankings that tells you which one is better for you.
I don't know if I'm eating better but I'm learning a lot about the nutritional values of my meals :)

Is free and is available for the iPhone, Android and for the web: http://www.fooducate.com


I love fooducate. And I love their blog. I've been able to make some switches to healthier foods for my family. At the beginning of the year they asked what information do people with diabetes need? You can e-mail them with your suggestions.

I downloaded it (Evo 4G) but canceled before completing the installation process: I was turned off the the apparent requirement to create yet another set of internet credentials -- username, password,etc.

Well...I checked it out and I was disappointed. They only give part of the picture on foods -- a "grade" and not the detailed information diabetics need. Calories are fine and well but what about carbs? What is a "serving size" exactly? They don't say. Also they are promoting the "saturated fat is evil" myth while at the same time they give "A's" to foods that are really just processed starch carb bombs, like "english muffins" that are more refined grain than whole grain. Ewww.

I prefer the Calorie King website because you can look up detailed information and count carbs based on various different serving sizes (i.e. a measured volume of chopped broccoli vs. grams of broccoli derived by using my food scale.)

The ideal food database would (in my opinion) allow me to "hide" all commercially packaged, processed foods. I am limiting myself to whole, real foods now and when I look up "strawberries" I don't want to see pastries, jam and processed garbage. I just want to see the real berries. It would be great if I could just flip a switch and never have to see processed junk again in my Calorie King search results.

I love the app "MyFood" for just that reason. Just lists the food in it's original state, no brand names, nothing. However it does have the serving size by grams so you need the scale but I love it!

can't seem to get fooducate in Canada, I use my fitness pal it is free.