Take a sip of water from the well of life

Since becoming diabetic I have know highs and lots of lows it is not a condition you can point too and say there it is as long as you follow a few simple rules you can live as normal a life as is possible and for many that is so,eat well exercise look after your body and the Beast can be caged even if on a long long chain, then there are those of us that try as hard as we can cannot even get the cage door open I fit into this category weak willed ant able to look the beast in the face so have to scurry into a dark corner eyes closed hoping it will one day go away.
But you know as well as I do diabetes is not only a physical condition but a mental condition as well closing one’s eyes and hoping it will go away is like following the yellow brick road then finding there are major road works a head and you have to turn back and find another route,if they could bottle courage and willingness to succeed I would go out and buy some today but life is not like that some of you are strong and some like me are not so strong and easily give into temptation knowing it could shorten our spell here,the saying goes you are what you eat if you could see me know I look like a sack of potatoes bulging here there and everywhere 63 years of treating my body like a garbage dump not the temple it is supposed to be will do that to you.
This morning I woke up to the dawn chorus lying there it seemed to sooth my weary brow and I felt better for it there is a cure in Nature for ever ailment under the Sun someone just said well I did wish I could believe it myself, and that is the secret I think believing having confidence in yourself the willingness to say no to that cake that chocolate that tasty burger and fries
the pallet once introduced to these things craves for more if only my brain would say to it shut up get back in the mouth perhaps I could leave it alone,time for

victoza blood sugar 8.5 the lowest it has been for weeks first thing in the morning have to keep it up perhaps today I can say I did it mind over matter is matter sweet tasting do you know,had a terrible week gout attack hobbling around the house but this morning it seems to have settled down and I feel much better in myself the Sun is trying to shine birds are still chirping away and smudge is stretched out on the window sill,this moment in my life is well and truly nice.