One lump or two of sugar in your tea Sir

Tummy rumbling felt a hypo coming on earlier caught it in time,sounds like a pet has escaped from its cage but as you well know diabetes is a pet no one wants,our family has been ill over Christmas with flu type bug lot of coughing chest pain and weakness all over,but I know fingers crossed they will all get over it and get back to there healthy states I cannot say the same for me the bug passed me by but I felt as awful as family members at times you see this thing that we have is not satisfied with a good diet well as good as I can have on what we earn and the bit and it is only a bit of daily exercise I get moving around to keep warm,we have central heating but cannot have it on all the time as our energy bill would be far too high.
This morning I got up felt ok did a lot of going up and down stairs trying to look after my sick Angel and by 2pm I was feeling rough to say the least,too much exercise and blood sugars fall well in my case they do, trying to strike the right balance is a daily struggle,adjusting my dosage of insulin is difficult to measure too little and blood sugars run away too much and my blood sugars fall then I am in big trouble trying to stave of a hypo all in all I do not seem to be doing too well controlling the beast, my heart failure also causes me a lot of problems some of the drugs I take lower my blood pressure and i have bouts of dizziness not good if you fall on someone well i am rather largely built there is a lot to grab if I tilt or fall over as I do a lot,the sheer boredom cannot be good for my health mental or not after being a bizzy Bee most of my life doing things in very slow motion is very difficult as I find out when I become lightheaded and fuzzy brained.
Having my Angel ill for nearly two weeks is beginning to show in my body and mind,I keep telling myself you can do it go on go for it,all well said and done my mind is willing but body refuses a lot of requests or cannot catch up with the demands made on it so I drop a lot of things break a lot of things and are generally an hindrance around the home, soon be tea time see if Angel can eat anything it will not be much as I am not a good cook,and a worst host.